How To Get Maximum Exposure For Your New App [Infographic]

We write a lot about how to get maximum exposure in social media for your personal and professional brand, but what about getting the most exposure for your new app? With over 558,000 Android apps and well over 700,000 apps in the Apple App Store (according to Wikipedia), it can be understandably easy to get lost in the crowd. We work with a lot of app developers here at Bit Rebels, and the one thing they all want more than anything else is exposure.

If you aren’t familiar with this niche, you might think it sounds easy, right? Actually, it’s not quite that simple. What we’ve learned is that app developers are typically on a very tight budget. They know exactly how much profit they make off each download, and it’s usually not very much unless their app is downloaded a lot. If their app is not super popular, they have very little profit to budget for gaining exposure. That is one reason why so many app developers are prevalent in social media. It’s a free way to get noticed by a lot of people, but social media is just small aspect when you start thinking about getting maximum exposure across the entire Internet.

To make this situation even more complex, there are more smartphones on the planet than people. Mobile apps are more popular than ever, and getting the maximum exposure right now for mobile apps is key. Like we mentioned, social media is huge, but so is getting influential bloggers to write about your app. Also, it helps to have more than one app in your arsenal.

In my opinion, when it comes to apps, focusing on marketing is more important than focusing on sales. Sometimes apps with more features and a better user interface fall to the side, while a competing app that is not as good ends up on everyone’s smartphone. When that happens, you know it just came down to the marketing, which is key. This infographic called Best Practices To Achieve Maximum Exposure For Your App by StartApp offers some insight on this topic. There are a lot of interesting stats on here. It’s insane that the app market in China grew by 870% in 2011. I’ll be excited what these numbers turn out to be for 2012. Enjoy!

Get Maximum Exposure For Your App

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Header Image Credit: [Mashable]