Mobile Apps That Will Make Your Everyday Life Easier And Better

We live in a digital age. Every single day we get closer and closer to what the Jetsons thought we would be by the year 2000. Technology has been traditionally slow and difficult to allocate to the masses. That all changed with the internet. We found that the future is in how we disseminate information.

Notes, movies, news, facts, fiction, editorials, all rolled into a single thing: content. The other side of that dissemination is the gig economy. When we put it out there that we need something, there’s bound to be someone who can do it in exchange for something else. Barter, money, favors, etc. We need to take full advantage of this beautiful and efficient Wild West of value exchange. It will make our lives so much easier. Here are some apps that can help you do that.

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Uber is always at the top of everyone’s list, and for good reason. They rocketed to fame and fortune by being at the forefront of the gig economy. When Uber came out, they got a whole lot of pushback. In some places, they still do. Taxi unions are way more powerful than one thinks. But adapting to the transportation, gig economy can help you plan out your trips and avoid the liability of owning and maintaining a car.

The folks at even recommend scouting deals and discounts online. The transportation disruption of Uber is fantastic. Using it can only help. For anyone that’s been stranded or without a means to get to point B. For anyone that’s lost track of time and the trains stopped. Uber works for you.


If you’re living in Asia, Grab is the way to go. Grab is the all-in-one platform that has pretty much everything you could possibly want. They’ve got transportation, they’ve got food delivery, they’ve got grocery delivery, and they even have parcel services. They’re the all-around kings of convenience in places like the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore.

They’ve caught a bit of slack over the past few years for controlling so much of the Southeast Asian gig economy. But in terms of actually getting things to your door, safe, and at a reasonable cost, they’re the absolute best. Tipping practices are not customary in Asia, some may even be against policy, but in places where it’s not explicitly stated, they’re always appreciated.


Airbnb is another disruptor that democratized what we all thought would never be: living and guest accommodations. They’re fast becoming the most popular mode of stay in the entire world. If you’re going to someplace you’ve never been to, you can either go to a hotel with all the expensive room service and overpriced restaurants around it, or you can experience it in the eyes of a local.

There are so many spare rooms and whole houses that you can explore neighborhoods as if you’re staying at a friend’s house. It’s quite remarkable. When you have that kind of say over where you go, how much you spend, and enough wiggle room for negotiation, it always turns into a transaction favorable for you, the consumer. On top of that, hosts are often knowledgeable when it comes to things to do and places to see. They really work to provide an all-encompassing travel experience. Even if it’s just for business, they make it fun.


Fiverr is for jobs that you need to get done, fast. If you’re in any business or administrative position, having to make reports and write-ups is just part of the job. They’re time consuming, relentless, and could very well be shortened if business culture allowed it. But, unfortunately, that’s not the case. If you’re a fan of simplifying your life, Fiverr is where you need to go. They’ve got every single kind of digital freelancer imaginable, all vying for your assignment.

The best part is, it doesn’t even have to be local. Let’s say you run SEO articles. You can charge your client the standard rate of their country, let’s say $75 USD, and have someone on Fiverr write it for less than 10% of that. You can even hire SEO teams to fill the gap and still come out with a 50% profit margin. It’s the way of the future.

The trend of the gig economy is growing more than ever. With people finding new ways to carve out time for themselves and their families, more are willing to position towards the freelance world. Fortunately for you, working with them frees up time and adds convenience in your day-to-day. It’s truly a win-win situation.

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