Calculator iPhone App Lets You Use Your Handwriting Instead Of Typing

If you are like me, you hate hopping between folders on your iPhone just to find the right app. Even more annoying is the endeavor of having to click your way through an equation using the default calculator. It’s such an unoptimized approach. I find math quite fun, but when I am slowed down by unoptimized solutions, it makes it all an annoyance. There is one thing that could solve all that. It’s the new MyScript calculator iPhone app.

It’s one of those rare innovations that is all software based. With this new calculator iPhone app you will no longer have to press each digit by hand. Instead, you will be able to swiftly use your handwriting to enter your equation directly on the touchscreen. When you’re finished, the calculator will give you the right answer. It’s both fast and fun. It also allows for a whole different way of seeing the numbers. Math is almost always about seeing the numbers and learning how they fit together in a pattern. When you have the whole equation in front of you, it’s a whole lot easier to solve it.

The MyScript calculator iPhone app took first place in the Mobile App Showdown at CES 2013. If anything, that should tell you that this little badboy is going to enhance your math abilities quite a lot. The fact that you can type in the numbers just using your handwriting is quite appealing. The fast and simple approach makes for a faster solution, as I said, and one that you can easily see.

MyScript is actually available for both iPhone as well as Android, and it is completely free. How’s that for a bargain? All you really need to do now in order to become a math Jedi is download the MyScript calculator iPhone app and start doing a whole lot of calculating. Don’t waste time using that old default calculator. I rarely think any apps are worth promoting unless they are super good. And by all means, this one is just that good!

MyScript Calculator iPhone App (Also For Android)