Popcorn App Makes Sure You Never Burn Your Microwave Popcorn Again

If you don’t cook microwave popcorn, you won’t think this app is a big deal. You might even wonder why it’s necessary. But if you are a big fan of popcorn like me, you’ll probably get excited about this. Almost every time I make microwave popcorn, I burn the first bag and undercook the second bag. Yep, I go through two bags almost every time. It’s hard to know when it’s done, and if you think the ‘popcorn button’ on the microwave has your back, you’ll be sadly mistaken.

This unusual app, which has a surprisingly awesome Twitter-inspired video (below), is a brilliant little marketing initiative by Pop Secret (a brand of microwave popcorn). It’s called Perfect Popcorn, and it’s free.

You know that when you are making popcorn, every second counts. The way this app works is easy. You just let it listen while your popcorn is popping in the microwave. When it’s perfectly done, it will let you know to stop it. No more burnt microwave popcorn smell, no more unpopped kernels at the bottom of the bag, and no more waste. You’ll have a perfectly popped bag of microwave popcorn every time.

According to the app creators, this app “listens to the ‘popping acoustics’ from within the microwave to determine when the popcorn is optimally popped.” Apparently there are about 400 tweets a week that are about burnt popcorn. Pop Secret used those tweets as inspiration for the very well done video below. There is no worse smell in an office kitchen than burnt popcorn. If you love your popcorn, but you are frustrated with how you always over or under cook it, download this free app today and enjoy a perfect bag of popcorn every single time.

Perfect Popcorn App – Never Burn Microwave Popcorn Again


Via: [psfk]