Santa Booth App: Transform Anyone Into A Jolly Santa Claus

This grandma included in her social media tips that we shouldn’t buy an app that has an ugly logo. I agree with that, and I’d like to take it one step further. I’ve downloaded and tried so many apps that I’ve truly become a snob when it comes to them. If an app doesn’t have slick graphics and a fun interface, I delete it immediately and it’s forgotten forever. Is that bad?

I saw this Santa Booth app yesterday on App Advice, and I decided to check it out. I installed the free version, and I wasn’t expecting much really. To my surprise, it turned out to be a blast, so of course I had to write about it today. It’s ridiculously simple, and that’s just the way I like it.

You just choose whether you want to turn someone into Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, an elf or a reindeer (the reindeer is perfect for the pictures of your dog and cat). Then you browse through your camera roll and click on the person’s or animal’s picture. Click a few more times and voila… The transformation is complete. With the free version, you only get to choose one character, but it’s still loads of fun. I made a little example below to show you. This is a picture of my 10-year-old son. I turned him into Santa Claus. Pretty groovy, huh? If you are like me and downloading fun apps is one of your favorite hobbies, you’ll love this one.

Before Santa Booth
iPhone App Santa Claus

After Santa Booth
Christmas Santa Claus App

Christmas Holidays Santa Claus App