Simple And Free Phone Tracker For Peace Of Mind

Easy Logger is very popular and user-friendly phone tracker to track phone activity. It works for watching over your kids, track your significant other, tracking your senior members, supervising your employee’s performance, or simply to prevent phone misuse. Over 1 million devices run the Easy logger today in 97 countries.

The phone tracker runs invisibly on the target device to track all phone activities such as GPS location, text messages, application usage, call log history, GPS mileage track, phone data backup, and much more.

The Easy logger alerts system can be particularly helpful in assisting the infirm or those in accident-prone professionals, enable easy SOS alerts, Emergency contact calling, fall tracking, inactivity tracking and many other safety alert options with the Easy logger Pro.

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Protect Your Children

Raising a child is not an easy job, especially when your child is a teenager. Easy Logger can help you learn the truth and keep your precious children safe and sound from any predator or unfortunate events.

Catch Cheating Spouses

Forever worrying that your significant other is cheating on you? Simply install Easy Logger, and find out the truth. Easy Logger helps you bring peace to your mind and even helps to strengthen your bond with your loved one.

Monitor Your Employees

Easy Logger can help you enforce strict rules so that your employees follow company phone usage policy. This ensures that your employees do not misuse company’s phone for personal use and use it for business purpose only. Also, with Easy Logger you can track live the position of your employees, and works perfectly for a courier business, a delivery service, or a rental business.


Backup Phone Data

In the event of your phone getting lost or stolen, Easy Logger can help you track down your phone and bring it back to you. The useful hints given by Easy Logger can also help you track down the thief and it’s all so easy to set up through the Simple installation process.

Here Are A Few Of The Features That Have MadeTthe Easy logger App So Popular

  • Simple installation with configurable monitoring on phone usage.
  • Powerful alerts that can help monitor and assist the phone user when a risky condition is detected.
  • Accurate 24/7 phone location tracking with a 3-month history.
  • Battery safe operations with very little data usage.
  • Reports texts and call records even if they have been deleted.
  • Easy logger free is a free forever app for basic monitoring. The Easy logger Pro version costs less 12 cents a day.
  • Supports all android devices even the really old or the really new ones
  • Works worldwide, used in over 97 countries today
  • A dedicated, 24/7 customer support team to help you at every step of the way. Guided installation included.

Easy Logger adds simplicity to all your chores, so you can focus on what’s important. Keep all the worries and confusion at bay, and make your life easier with Easy Logger – the free phone tracker.

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