Whisper App: For Those Who Like Telling Secrets & Venting To Strangers

Do you get annoyed by people who share every detail about their personal lives on Twitter? Everyone uses Twitter differently, and I pretty much have a “don’t judge” policy when I’m on there, but I have friends who get very annoyed with tweeps who love telling secrets and sharing intimate details about their lives. It seems as though the Whisper app was created for those people. It’s an app for people who love telling secrets and venting about life anonymously to strangers.

Although at first it seems odd, upon looking into it more, there is a part of it that is intriguing in a bizarre way. If someone were getting a doctorate in human psychology, this app would provide unlimited data about people’s innermost thoughts, ambitions, feelings and desires.

The Whisper app is apparently very popular on college campuses here in the States. If you are at least 17 years old, you can download the app for free here on iTunes. The first conversation is free, but after that, if you want to interact with people, there is a subscription fee. You can see a great step-by-step tutorial for using it here on Business Insider.

Instead of a “like” button or an “RT” button, this app comes with a “ME2” button so when someone starts telling secrets or venting about someone or something, you can sympathize with that person. You can upload a picture from your camera roll to go with your sentiments, or you can choose a picture from the web or a picture from the Whisper app’s default library.

There have already been some problems with inappropriate posts, but the creators of this app seem to think they have that under control. Only time will tell if this app is here to stay or not, but for now, it seems to touch people in a way that no other social media site or app can do. I pulled some examples of posts from the Whisper app Twitter page and posted them below for you. Enjoy!

Whisper App: For Those Who Like Telling Secrets To Strangers





Via: [Business Insider] Image Credit: [Whisper App / Twitter]