SURKUS – The Future Of Event Promotion Is Here

Events in the USA make up a booming $32B industry – but what about the hundreds of events across America occurring every day that go un- or under-attended, with thousands of seats and spots going unused? If you’re a business throwing an event, it’s imperative that you fill those spots – each one left empty equating to money wasted. But what if every event could get filled with the exact people those businesses want most? What if you could “cast” your perfect crowd and then incentivise those people to show up? Every seat would be filled, and the events industry would be blown wide open.

That kind of industry disruption is exactly what Forest Zuckerman had in mind when he founded SURKUS, the fast-growing mobile platform that connects businesses with their target audience, and then pays the crowd to show up. SURKUS was created for two reasons: first is to give businesses a means to fill their events completely, every time, for a fraction of the cost of hiring actors, extras, or a shady event promoter. The second, was to give users a way to stay up to date on all the best events happening in their area.

Recently, SURKUS launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine, and the company is only growing. In the last three weeks, they’ve grown to more than 17,000 users, a 70% increase. They also more than doubled their Instagram reach from 4.5M to almost 9.5M users, and they’ve paid over 2700 SURKUSgoers to attend more than 240 events, working with top name brands like Playboy.

Zuckerman is a seasoned entrepreneur who founded SURKUS to make the events industry better. He has the knowledge and experience to see this through to the end, and take on a multi-billion dollar industry. Since the campaign started, SURKUS has exploded onto the NYC and LA scenes. And now everyday people have a chance to get a piece of the action by expressing interest in investing today! To learn more, visit their campaign page.

SURKUS CrowdSourcing App & Crowdfunding Campaign

SURKUS CrowdSourcing App Crowdfunder

SURKUS CrowdSourcing App Crowdfunder

SURKUS CrowdSourcing App Crowdfunder