New Symantec Coupons May Be The Answer To The Ever Rising Cyber Crime

Computer hacking has become a big menace in 2017. Did you know that more than 170 million US consumer records stand exposed to this dark web? Given the thriving market for these kinds of consumer records on the dark web, it’s certain that many of these records will lead to identity thefts that will cost millions of people some money, time, and in most cases, both. This is where Symantec coupons could make a huge difference on your life.

A recent Gallup survey listed financial information theft as the biggest concern among US adults. Around 73% of people name this as the top of the things they worry about, while 61% worry about being the victim of identity theft. Less than 27% worry about being a victim of some kind of terrorist attack. These statistics are worrisome and people in Europe and United States are now concerned about this and want a lasting solution that can provide them protection on 24/7 basis.

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Norton Offers Some Hope

Norton Security Deluxe successfully combines the best malware protection with one of the most useful and compact interfaces in the business. It has the least impact on your system performance and works unobtrusively in the background when no scan is running.

Cost And What’s Covered

The Norton Security Deluxe license costs $80 and includes complete protection to up to five Macs, Windows PCs or Android or iOS mobile devices. Many mid-range packages in this price range cover only three devices, so this is definitely a great bonus, especially when combined with Symantec discount coupons.

Many online retailers offer s 3 device version at $70. Most versions vary by platform and Mac version comes with built-in file encryption but lacks password manager, while the reverse is true in case of Windows. The Norton iOS app scans for any kind of malware but has fewer features in it than what’s available in Android counterpart. You get complete money back guarantee if software can’t remove each piece of malware, but the catch is that a trained Norton professional will take a close look at your machine

Antivirus Protection

Norton Security Deluxe software includes basic malware-signature matching, plus complex behavioral analysis of any unknown code which Norton terms as SONAR (Symantec Online Network Response), its parent company.

Norton Security Deluxe software enables many advanced malware defenses that may not be available in older Windows versions, such as address space layout randomization (ASLR) and Structural Exceptions Handler Overwrite Prevention (SEHOP). It even prevents any disabling of Java security Manager.

Once you buy this software at a competitive price with Norton coupon codes, you can choose among Full, Quick and Custom scans after installation, the latter of which may examine each suspect folder or the file which you designate.

It has a Power Eraser that finds deeply hidden malware, Norton Insight, which examines files reputation; a scanner for your Facebook wall, and a Diagnostic Report that surveys a system of vulnerabilities. A scan can be scheduled for any time, maybe day or night, but setup screen gets buried in the Custom Scan section. If you’re traveling, you can opt to have the scans run only when your notebook is plugged. Norton Security immediately flags all suspicious email attachments, malicious websites, and phishing attempts.

There is a browser toolbar that will help protect Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox, and it can even stop the transfer of a key character or number sequence based on a registered fragment.

Security Features

[pullquote]Norton Security Deluxe firewall can automatically adjust its settings but needs to be manually controlled.[/pullquote] However, most of the other package’s other defenses can’t be. For example, neither Intrusion Prevention (for network protection) nor Auto-Protect (a real-time monitor) are adjustable.

Norton’s Password Manager (Identity Safe) is a free download from company’s site and can be fully integrated into all editions of Norton Security except its Mac version. You can create a Master Password, and it also has a built-in password generator. However, if you lose or forget the master password, Norton won’t be able to recover it. It’s actually not a drawback because hackers won’t be able to retrieve it from anywhere!

Identity Safe can store unlimited encrypted passwords ins its Vault. With a Premium subscription, you can store up to 25GB of additional files in your Vault.

This software delivers you a set of highly advanced techniques for fast identification and elimination of latest online attacks. It can neutralize all threats thrown at it, and offers complete peace of mind.

It works well for couples or individuals who need a no-frills, flawless protection up to five devices on different platforms.

Symantec Discount Coupons

You can look for Symantec discount coupons or Norton coupon codes online to take advantage of the latest offers. Check tech blogs like, internet security forums and coupon sites for Symantec promotional codes. The price of the 1-year subscription is $49.99 after a $40 discount and the 2-year is $109.99 after the $70 of discount promo.

All in all, get the best deal on your internet security software by searching for various Symantec coupon codes on Google and benefit from your purchase.

Author Bio: Stefanos has a background in computer science and economics. He offers a 20% off discount on various useful software including Norton, Pinnacle, and Parallels.

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