Top 4 Amazing Augmented Reality Apps For iPhone

Ever since the craze of Pokémon GO infiltrated colonized cities and neighborhoods, iPhone users have been searching for more applications that make the use of augmented reality technology. Even though these apps run the gamut, from virtual display rooms and multiplayer skirmishes to interactive maps, each software utilizes the smartphone screen and GPS functionality to deliver an immersive experience.

The current range of augmented reality applications is diverse, including both freemium and premium offerings from small-name developers as well as renowned companies, but sometimes knowing which ones to install is more challenging than using the AR apps themselves. For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of the top augmented reality apps that deserve a place on your iPhone.

Note: Using these apps will likely increase the chances of damage happening to your iPhone from scratches and drops, therefore it is best to invest in a case and a screen protector before putting them to good use.

You can find an iPhone 7 screen protector, iPhone 6 screen protector, or similar protective accessories for almost all iPhone models. Advanced screen protectors use rare materials such as a unique form of tempered glass that is thin and more protective than other screen protectors. Small investments in such accessories can protect your device from scratches and bumps as you get to AR action.

1. Ink Hunter

This is an all-in-one app for tattoo lovers. It enables you to test pre-made tattoos, and create your own designs in whatever position you want and wherever you want them placed on your body. With the camera look, tattoos can be placed at different areas of your body and the effect is as real life as you could imagine – but you’re not going under the needle – courtesy of the in-app editing feature. The app supports both color and black-and-white tattoos.

2. Star Chart

Though an educational app, it’s really fascinating as it caters to people of all ages. After you open it on your iPhone, you’re immediately informed what planets or stars you’re facing currently, even during daytime when stars are the most difficult to view. All of that is done in real-time, so you don’t even need to press a button to initiate this. There’s also a feature known as Time Shift, which enables the iPhone users to move in time to see where the stars will be located in the future or where they once were located.

3. The New York Times Daily 360° news

This augmented reality app provides a 360-degree view of journalism from the New York Times. Whether you’re watching a mountaineer climb buildings or seeing the actions going on in Syria, the app lets you in on an intense experience. Users also have the option to watch augmented reality specials from Amazon, when they are in the mood for something a little light.

4. Vrse

For those who prefer using AR as a news and educational vehicle, this app will enable them to tap into the world of political, cultural, and topical content. The Vrse partners with The New York Times and other mainstream news journalism sites to offer presentations in 360-degree videos, which can be seen either on the phone or in a browser. While the app doesn’t offer a plethora of news, every piece of content inside the app has artistic value.

These apps will ensure that you enjoy the full AR experience on your iDevice.

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