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Music is the inspiration for the soul. Anyone who doesn’t enjoy good music is either soulless or has been wasting their life. But, wait. What exactly is the best way to enjoy music on mobile devices? We have a quick fix for that: Top 5 Best Free Music Apps for Android. Check out our list and decide for yourself which app is right for you.

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1. Spotify Premium

It makes perfect sense that the first music app on this list comes from the king of music apps, Spotify Premium. Spotify allows you to listened to full tracks of your favorite artists. Not only that, but you are also given the option to create custom playlists and radios.

With the Spotify Premium option, you can freely download your favorite tracks offline for anywhere, anytime listening. What more would you want from a music application? Spotify offers it all, the jack of all trades best music app for Android.

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And now, back to the list…

2. Soundcloud

Second, Soundcloud definitely holds its place on the list. Not only does this diverse music app have classic and recent tracks, but users can also include their own mixes and track to the list. Soundcloud is perfect for young and upcoming artists to share their work with others and gain more attention and attraction.

Additionally, you can save your favorite tracks for both online and offline listening. Of course, Soundcloud isn’t as diverse and free as Spotify Premium, but it definitely has its merits. That’s why the app still has a sound spot in the top 5 best music apps for Android.

3. Pandora

Third on the list: the popular radio app which started the music app revolution – Pandora Radio. Pandora is actually a unique music app. It creates radio stations based on your favorite tracks, artists, and albums. There are two benefits to this approach. First, you will always listen to a track relevant to your own preference and style of music. Also, there’s a chance you’ll find a new song you haven’t heard before and enjoy. Who knows, there’s also the chance where you may even find an old song that was long forgotten until now.

4. TuneIn

Now, TuneIn is the more live approach to radio music apps. Rather than creating relevant stations with songs and tracks in your style, TuneIn streams podcasts and other active internet radio stations.

This app is perfect for getting the latest highlights of your favorite sporting event or even after game reviews and podcasts. There is sure to be a station that suits everyone’s needs. TuneIn is an ideal internet radio app to have on your Android device. And to that extent, a sure pick of useful apps on your device to keep you updated with the times.

5. LiveXLive

Last, but not least on the list of top 5 best music apps for Android is LiveXLive. This final music app offers a decent variety of stations and listening options for users. You can edit your library and save your favorite stations instantly. In fact, unlimited skipping options keep LiveXLive as one of the more intuitive and satisfying music apps. Another thing worth noting is the ability to adjust your settings. With this option, you can always guarantee the stations available and recommended are to your liking.

LiveXLive is far from the number one music app available. But, it absolutely holds a spot in the top 5.

Well, what do you think? There’s a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy their music cravings. As such, be sure not only to download these top 5 music apps onto your Android device but also to share them with your friends. Anyone will instantly find themselves hooked to the tunes of their application.

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