Top 7 Apps For Your Memory & IQ Boost

Have you ever thought about how those hours spent on Instagram or TikTok affect your brain? I bet you barely can remember the last three posts you liked on social media, so for a fact, it doesn’t make you smarter but rather clogs your brain with tons of unnecessary and often inaccurate information.

The good news is that training your brain and improving your memory is now easier than ever with various smartphone apps, most of which are free of charge. Here we’ll have a snippet of 7 of the best.

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Elevate – Brain Training And Brain Games

(free and paid versions, for Android and iOs)

This app is a so-called gym for your brain with more than 30 various games improving your focus, memory, data analysis, and processing. This app automatically creates daily workouts for enhancing your skills, which keeps you motivated even after the excitement of something new wears off. Such apps are useful to fill your short breaks throughout the day while studying or working.

Spelling Master

(free, for Android and iOs)

Are you a terrible speller? It is not a problem at all unless you have to write some free-error official letters, academic assignments, or even an e-mail to your course professor. If this is your case, you might want to ask a professional proofreading team on to check and improve your written task, or you can spend some time practicing your spelling with this fun and free app. All in all, working on your spelling skills undoubtedly enhances your cognitive performance.

Scholar – Spelling Bee Quiz

(free, for iOs)

Scholar is another app designed to help you with your spelling skills. It contains hundreds of words that are most common to misspell, and your task is to correct them. Passing short tests, you get to a higher level and learn more and more complicated words in English.

Peak Brain Training

(free and paid versions, for iOs and Android)

This app has been developed in collaboration with professors from the University of Cambridge. Barbara Sahakian, Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology, personally worked on this app and tested it in a scientific environment.

Her findings prove that playing Decoder, the game in the basement of this app, just 8 hours per month, can enhance neurological improvement similarly to medication prescribed to boost cognitive abilities.

You can test it yourself by downloading a free app. With the paid premium option, you can freely access all of the games and features, including newly elaborated quizzes, personalized brain workout plans, and in-depth performance tracking.

Lumosity Brain Training

(free and paid versions, for Android and iOs)

The developers of this app claim that if you are ready to challenge your memory, attention, and speed in only 5 minutes a day, it can give you a considerable brain boost. Like other apps in this review, Lumosity is based on a gamification approach, which makes it addictive.

Once you fall into this rabbit hole, you discover that training your mind is as easy as playing your favorite phone game. The only difference is that this app is designed by more than 100 researchers in different fields of studies to develop your skills and not just entertain.


(free, for Android and iOs)

Here you are not given dozens of varying options like in other apps mentioned above. Instead, you have just one game focusing on one skill to improve, which is inhibitory control. It is an executive function that helps you to have control over your attention and emotions. Gwakkamole is a simple game where you have to smash avocados, but not all of them. Taking this effort not to smash special avocados reflects your skill of inhibitory control you are working on.

All You Can E.T.

(free, for Android and iOs)

It is another quick switch game made by creators of Gwakkamole. However, this one focuses on another executive function of our brains, which is called cognitive flexibility. The point of the game is to feed aliens with food and beverages, adapting to constantly changing rules of what they can or can’t eat.

Cognitive flexibility refers to the ability to move quickly from one task to another, from one behavior to another depending on the requirements and the ability to think of several possibilities at a given time in order to solve problems. In other words, this simple game develops the creative thinking and helps us do our best while multitasking.

Now you know what you can do to enhance your cognitive abilities except sleeping well and reading books. You don’t need to train hard for hours with these apps; it’s just another fun way of spending several minutes while waiting for a bus. Keep in mind that consistency is key and try to make your brain training a daily habit.

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