Top Four Useful Barcelona Travel Apps For Your Trip

If you want to travel to Barcelona, you should know that it is the second most populated city in Spain and it is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, on the European continent. There are many beautiful places for tourists to enjoy, mainly in spring or summer. So if you are looking for entertainment, nature, food, and distractions, you should not hesitate to visit this place.

It doesn’t matter if you are planning a trip with your family, with your partner, with friends or alone. Barcelona is one of the fascinating tourist places to visit for fun or rest, and its cosmopolitan characteristic makes it have a comprehensive cultural life.

Barcelona is a city full of art in every corner, with museums and unique modern architecture. There are beaches and natural parks where you can relax, and events such as cinema or street shows. The most acclaimed thing about Barcelona is its high-level gastronomy.

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Currently, there is technological growth that has renewed the ways to travel and enjoy places. Moreover, the applications created to improve the traveler’s experience have taken to another level the enjoyment and the desire to know each space visited, generating multiple incentives for the imagination.

Besides the applications that facilitate your trip and transfer, another recommendation when traveling to Barcelona is to learn Spanish. Spanish is the third language spoken worldwide, and especially in tourist places, it is an essential language to communicate. That is why its teaching has expanded to different continents.

There are several reasons to study Spanish; one of them is that it allows us to relate with people and understand each other simply. For example, a traveler often wants to ask for something in a restaurant or hotel, and the local person does not understand him, generating a communication problem.

Barcelona offers many Spanish courses to tourists, who can learn and have fun at the same time, meet people to share the rest of the trip with or even exchange experiences and cultures. There are many Spanish lessons in Barcelona to shows you that learning a new language changes the way you see the place you visit in a positive way. For example, there are dozens of excellent schools, for example, Expanish located in the Eixample district, which has a wide variety of courses available.

We made a selection of the four best apps created in Barcelona so that you can enjoy your trips in a simple, comfortable and comfortable way.


This is an online platform that connects different travelers to find the best places to stay, eat, have fun, and spend a carefree vacation with all the information they need. The objective of this site is to seek a positive global impact.

On their website, there are different sections where they show how they can improve the cities that tourists visit every day. The impacts are divided into six categories with the concept that each person can contribute something and that if many people help the environment, there can be a significant improvement in the world.

Authenticity believes that travel should be nurturing for the body and soul. It should be a journey of experiences that improve the interior of each person and that each person can contribute something to the place they visit.

Cloud Guide

This app wants you to get to know new ways of seeing the world. Cloudguide allows you to plan your visit by choosing, depending on where you are, museums, parks, monuments and whatever you want to see. It will indicate the schedules of each of them, and you can even get tickets from the application.

Besides, in the application, there are interactive games and tours with the possibility of touring the tourist sites virtually. Another thing you can do with Cloudguide is to take notes of the details you liked, send postcards or share your findings in your social networks.

This platform is easy to use and can be used for different purposes depending on the needs of each tourist. In addition to collecting data, it is possible to learn in an interactive way, store valuable information, and have simple access. This happens because the simple download of the application allows having all the information in one place and within reach of all tourists.


This website allows you to book hotels and accommodations in different parts of the world. What stands out the most is the wide variety of offers and tour packages at low prices, free cancellation, travel insurance, and different guarantees.

In Exoticca, there are promotions that include the hotel stay along with guided tours or excursions. In addition, tourists can cancel their reservation without extra charges within a certain period of time without any explanation.

With options in all continents, this page has options for short and long trips in hotels of different levels at all times of the year and with excellent contracting conditions. If you’re looking for variety, this is the right place.


This is a page that allows you to get to know the different cities while playing. With Playvisit, you will have the possibility to mix geography with fun and explore the world in your own way in the most didactic way possible so as not to get bored for a second.

In the different places you visit, Playvisit will offer you guessing games, treasure hunts, hidden plans of the churches, stories, questions about the architecture of the place, and other items that will help you soak up the authentic culture of the country you visit.

On the other hand, there are tours to do with family or friends, all with different fun proposals that will make you want to make more visits with other game themes.

If you have small children, there are also riddle games for them, with characters like frogs that will suggest them to use their imagination to find clues inside each tourist site they visit to learn about the history in a fun way.

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