24 Mobile Apps To Make Your Summer Road Trip Better [Infographic]

We always say that the advances in technology affect everything in our lives, and that really does mean everything. Not only has technology completely changed the way we all interact with each other, it also affects seemingly mundane activities like how we cook our dinner, how we decorate our homes and even how we travel. Ten years ago I would have never thought that I needed to download some new mobile apps before jaunting off on a road trip, but now that is always part of my standard “get ready for vacation to-do list.

I’m an app snob, and if an app’s interface seems lame or if it doesn’t perform, I’ll quickly delete it and find another one. There are simply too many apps out there for us to have to settle for ones that don’t do their job. Road trips are as much a summertime tradition in the United States as hosting BBQs and having pool parties. There is just something about piling in the car on Friday afternoon, putting the top down, and cruising all the way to the beach that makes us smile.

When I saw this new infographic called On The Road Again: Great Mobile Apps For Summer Travel by High Table, I knew I wanted to try out some of these apps. They are all free except for two, and if they really save us time and money like they are supposed to then I thought you might get some use out of this infographic too. And, speaking of road trips and cars, if you want to see an old-timey tricked out car transformed into a BBQ, click here. And, last but not least, I thought this article called How To Blog While On Vacation might be helpful. Happy road trip!

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Via: [Column Five Media] Header Image Credit: [John Chow]