Top Security Apps To Help Protect Your Home While You Are Away

The statistics for burglary and home invasion are extremely high, which is why home security is something that is an important topic. The rise of home automation has naturally affected the home security business, making it both more efficient and more protective.

[pullquote]There are a variety of home security systems, some more complex than others, but people who can’t afford the latest high-tech gadgetry need not despair.[/pullquote] The emphasis on home automation and remote control has meant that there are cheaper versions which can be just as effective. The remote control of systems in particular means that there is a greater variety of security systems which can be used with a mobile device. Most of these systems are easily installed.

Linear actuators have been part of home automation for a while, though initially they were limited to being used in TV lifts, chair lifts, and other items of that nature. Linear actuator wholesalers have now moved into promoting the use of linear actuators in home security, creating a whole range of possibilities. Linear actuators normally turn up in camera construction, allowing them greater freedom of movement than they had before.

In-Time Surveillance

While this extends to the technology level of the home automation security system, many systems now offer both instant notifications if something is happening in the property, and live video feeds for anyone who wants to see what is going on. This can be useful for false alarms such as a motion sensor being set off by a fox or a deer crossing the property, but it can also help people stay up to date with what is happening in their house while they are away.

Notification Of Damage

The alerts and notifications for home security systems which have mobile device links do not simply occur specifically for home security. The systems which are put in place for home security can easily function as systems to detect damage to the house and its interior, such as a fire breaking out, or some pipes bursting and beginning to flood the house.

Having such notifications can prevent a lot of damage to a house, as people are able to take action a lot sooner when they find out what is happening.

Discreet Protection

Home automation and the inclusion of linear actuators in the design of cameras and other moving parts of a security system have changed the way in which security systems can be placed. Cameras which can move mean that they can be placed in less obvious areas of the home, making it less likely that they will be seen. This means a broader coverage can be available on security systems.

Nanny Cam

While most people think of a security system as something is only used when a house is empty, there are other uses for it. If a family contains young children who need supervision, then the security system can be used as a baby cam to keep an eye on them. The cameras allow people to see inside the rooms occupied by children, and notifications can be set on mobile devices for different things happening, such as windows opening, or lights unexpectedly turning out.

Using a security system as a nanny cam is useful in many circumstances, from the mundane (baby cam at night so parents can hear if the baby wakes up) to the sublime (people having a grown-up party with the kids happily occupied in another room).

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Top Security Apps To Help Protect Your Home While You Are Away

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