Top UX Trends In 2021 For Mobile Apps

The mobile app business attracts more and more entrepreneurs. With people devoting an increasing amount of time to smartphones, it’s an obvious trend. But how to make a good application that will attract thousands of users? You should go for a trendy UX. Here are the top UX trends for mobile applications in 2021:

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1. Bet On Video

By this, we mean video interactions or video calls. Last year, the feature became so popular that it’s hardly going to fade away soon. Video interactions are the new black. That’s why if your app implies communication, you should consider adding video to traditional chats. People are going to find it useful.

 2. Embed 3D Graphics

Although 3D designs are hardly a revolutionary trend, one should not underestimate their importance. They don’t only enhance efficiency but also create an unforgettable impression. Therefore, an overall wow effect is the result you should anticipate. Don’t forget that you can achieve it with high-quality development only. Therefore, it’s better to turn to Payday Depot and borrow the funds you lack to create stunning content.

 3. Connect Voice-Based AI Assistant

Do you want to provide enhanced personalization and promote touchless interactions? Then, a voice-based AI assistant is for you. The feature has already become popular in the banking and retail industries. In the future, it likely to keep spreading, together with a deeper adoption of smart speakers and voice assistants.

However, no one wants to deal with average service. You need to aim for a sophisticated solution that will be able to solve complex problems. Only in this case can it become a competitive advantage.

 4. Focus On Cross-Platform App Optimization

Optimizing an application for different platforms is vital in order not to lose users. This has been an urgent issue for those who build cross-platform apps. If you fail to do this, your mobile solution might not perform as it should: bugs will destroy all the user experience.

Now, however, developers should focus on cross-platform optimization like never before. With Apple releasing the M1 chip that allows running an app on iOS and macOS, every application should be tailored to all the platforms to work flawlessly.

5. Visualize The Data

Data doesn’t provoke any emotions. However, the visualization does. It tells a story that stands behind the data and, therefore, attracts users’ attention. Besides, such an approach allows developers to increase the level of engagement. Since visuals are easier to comprehend than text, they are likely to provoke more interest.

The peculiarity of this method is that it’s relevant for any app category. Whether you are building a productivity or healthcare application, embedding colorful graphs or animation is always a good idea.

Of course, no one says that you should limit the app’s UX to these five trends. These are just the main tendencies that are likely to prosper in 2021. Yet, it doesn’t mean that others won’t. So always consider your demands first.

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