Translator App Decodes Crying Babies & Tells You What Is Wrong

Some people say there is an app for everything, and apparently there is, or at least sometimes it seems like it. When I think of a translator app, I think of an app that can translate speech or text from one language to another. Apparently they do more than that though, even if it is just for fun. For example, I recently read about an app called BowLingual. It’s will translate your dog’s barks into English. Today I’d like to share a translator app that decodes your baby’s cries.

Unlike the dog translator app, the Cry Translator app, which tells you why your baby is crying, is not supposed to be a joke (although it seems like one). It is designed to listen to your baby’s cry for ten seconds and then display on the screen what is most likely wrong so you can fix it.

Most of the time I test apps before I write about them. I don’t have a baby laying around here to test this on, but my gut tells me that relying on your motherly instinct would probably be better than using an app, but some people might disagree with me.

What this translator app basically does is analyze the cry to determine its pitch, volume, tone and inflection. Then it provides you with one of five likely reasons for the cry, which include that the baby is hungry, sleepy, stressed, annoyed or bored. I might be wrong, but don’t babies also cry when they have a dirty diaper? I don’t see that one on the list of possible reasons.

As much as technology, and apps in particular, are becoming a huge part of our daily lives, there is just something about using it for a baby’s cry that seems unnatural. It’s definitely funny, but unnatural. I could see this being useful for a babysitter though. You can pick it up on iTunes.

Cry Translator App Can Supposedly Decode A Baby’s Cry




Via: [Design Taxi]