Younity App Is The Future Of Streaming EVERYTHING!

The need to have access to everything digital is almost a necessity these days. We want to take our photos, our videos and our documents with us everywhere we go and that, as you might understand, is not going to change anytime soon. When people buy a mobile device one of the first things they check is whether it has the capability or the apps that will allow them to do just that, to take everything digital with them. Well, we are rapidly moving past that and now require our devices to stream everything that we can possibly think of. There are a lot of different apps out there that will allow you to stream, but they are usually dedicated to one format per app. That’s where Younity comes in. This app is a culmination of clever minds working together to develop the future of streaming. The fact is that Younity is the future of streaming EVERYTHING!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for clever, easy to use and stylish user interfaces. Younity is one of those apps that I find to be cleverly simplistic in a way that makes me want to use it even more. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have downloaded an app only to delete it before even trying it out just because the user interface has made my entire existence itch. Younity is not one of those and I can, with pure exhilaration, tell you that it so fast and straight forward that the user interface never gets in the way of the experience of the content itself. This in my eyes is huge!

So what exactly can Younity do and why should you download it? Let’s start with a few features that make Younity the future of streaming and the streaming app choice everyone should consider.

First of all, while other apps usually only handle one format at a time, such as photos, videos, documents and so on, Younity handles everything…and it handles it brilliantly! Imagine an app that will help you with privacy, iTunes, Airplay, Instagram, GoPro, Lightroom and a whole lot more. That is what Younity is all about. It’s even in its name.

It is equipped to handle music, videos, photos, files and, of course, share it all securely with whoever and whatever device. It’s simply a beast of an app!

To make the app even more awesome, you no longer have to search things by format. The Younity team have developed a search feature that will allow you to search through everything using one simple search field. Looking for a file or a video? Just type in what you are looking for and BAM, all your choices will be neatly presented to you. It just doesn’t have to be more complicated than that. I have always felt that when developers put in search fields for each file format the whole search feature has lost its core function. The Younity team seem to know this and have brilliantly managed to give us a search feature that makes the app a joy to use. You can take a closer look at it over at their website.

While other websites would probably break down each feature of this app into smaller sections in an article, we felt like in order to really understand the greatness of the Younity app you really have to try it. The process of installing the app is as simple as the app is to use. It’s a two-step process that will not take you longer than a few minutes to complete. It is, however, important to point out that in order to access your files you naturally need to install Younity on at least one computer and one mobile device. Also, your computer needs to be turned on (it can, however, be in sleep mode) for Younity to be able to access your files.

The Younity app seems to be built around the concept of “Simple to use” and we here at Bit Rebels LOVE that! That is exactly how things should be developed and I personally think that app developers around the world have something to learn from the Younity team.

So, without further pushing information into your existence, just download the app and give it a whirl. We assure you that you will never use another streaming app ever again. It’s simply THAT good. I mean, how many apps do you know that allows you to access and stream everything? Not that many, right?

Download it and use it for a couple of days and then come back here and tell us what you think. Even if it is criticism that you want to share, I am sure the Younity team would love to hear from you guys so that they can make the app even better, if possible. We’re looking forward to your comments! Enjoy!

Get The App – Younity Streams Everything!

Younity Streaming Everything App

Younity Streaming Everything App

Younity Streaming Everything App