What Is Trending For App Store Optimization In 2018?

More and more apps are starting to pop out on a regular basis — and with no surprise. According to Statista, there were 2.2 million apps on the Apple Store in January 2017 and 3.3 million on Google Play in September 2017.

With around 4.77 billion mobile phone users in 2017, according to Statista, it is no surprise we are seeing the rise of apps all around. Since phones are officially the go-to device for most forms of communication and needs, it is only reasonable for people to start developing apps if they are looking to increase convenience for the users. Apps are much simpler compared to having to access an internet provider on your phone.

These numbers seem like they are also on the rise, so it is important to understand what is happening in the app store optimization sector. With the shift from desktop to phones, ASO seems to be the next big thing when we are looking at optimization. Here are some trends to watch out for your ASO in 2018.

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As like SEO, ASO generally works the same way, other than the fact that it is focused on apps. That said, content still works the same when we are looking to optimize an app, just like with app store optimization.

This will also consist of a title and a description. The title also consists of the use of keywords – using the most popular one. Come up with a catchy title that will appeal to your viewers and they would want to click on. Keep your title short and make sure it is creative and descriptive.

The description here works roughly the same way as SEO. Again, you are going to need to utilize keywords; making sure your app description is optimized using the most relevant and popular keywords. The description amount is usually different between Google Play and Apple store, however, Google Play provides a field for 4,000 characters.

For the best results, try to insert your main keywords at least five times in the description but do not overdo it. We do not want your text to sound awkward. Make sure to also build character in your text. Use the right tone-of-voice to represent your brand.


Localization is also an important factor to take into account when it comes to apps, especially when you have a specific target audience. We can see more and more app descriptions these days shifting towards a more localized content. You will have a greater chance of reaching your audience by using more localized keywords.

Take into account culture, language, and customs.


Icons are the face of your app. It is important to make it pop and noticeable. As with all marketing efforts, visualization always plays a big role in choices as well. How many time have you chosen a brand mostly because you liked the packaging? This works for app icons here as well.

Make sure to use bright colors, creative designs, and 3D effects to make your icon pop. Google and Apple even have guidelines for developers to create an eye-catching design.


Screenshots are constantly seen in app stores, if you do not put your screenshot there, you will probably start to lose credibility of the app itself.

People love to see visuals and its best to let your audience know what they are getting themselves into. Be creative and visually attractive, try to tell a story and let people understand your functionality.


We are starting to see more and more people engaging with the app scene. Having your audience comment and review your app is the way to go now.

Providing your audience with the space to share their thoughts and opinions is a great way to make your audiences engaged, as well as create more trust for optimization.

Most consumers trust other consumers and getting good reviews will make other people want to download your app as well – a virtual word of mouth you can say.

These are some of the main elements to take into account for your ASO strategy this 2018. Make sure to utilize them wisely and strategically. Hopefully, we will see your app at the top of that list soon.

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