Type-N-Walk App For Clumsy People: Text & Tweet While Walking

Can you walk and text at the same time? I can’t. I’ve busted my butt more than once trying to do it. It’s even more frustrating for me to tweet while I’m walking because with one wrong move, I’ll accidentally send a lame or bogus tweet to over 60,000 people. I’m super clumsy. I fell yesterday getting into the car. I’ve heard of people falling as they were trying to get out of the car, but I’ve never heard of anyone else falling while stepping into the car.

Apparently other people are a little clumsy too because now there is an app that allows us to walk and text/tweet at the same time! It’s also great for spying on people too, which is an added little fun benefit.

This app works by showing a background behind the text which is created by what your iPhone camera sees. That way, you can type and look at your surroundings all at the same time. The only problem I see with this is that it doesn’t automatically launch when you want to reply to a text. Each time, you have to manually open the app, but then again, that is a detail. Just the fact that I won’t have to trip over whatever is in my way each time I’m typing and walking is awesome! You can pick this up on iTunes for a buck. Thank you to my friend Sabastian for tweeting about it!

Walk Text On iPhone

Walk Text On iPhone

Walk Text On iPhone

Via: [Swag So Fresh]