Smartphone App Provides An Accurate Urine Analysis Using Your Camera

I’ve written about using our smartphones in the bathroom and all the issues related to that many times. I’m happy to see that now there is a real reason to take our smartphones into the bathroom, and it’s not to tweet while in the bathtub. A new smartphone app called uChek can do a complete urine analysis based on a photo your smartphone camera takes, and it’s a lot more accurate than you probably think.

According to Wired, it’s a “seemingly simple app that analyzes chemical strips by first taking photos with your phone at predetermined times and comparing the results that appear on the pee-soaked strip to a color-coded map.” Creator Myshkin Ingawale tested 1,200 samples, and his app did a better job than human beings at determining the correct results based on the color-coded strips.

So now instead of learning about your body through an expensive urine analysis at the doctor’s office, you can pay $20 for the app, a pack of strips and the color-coded map to do the process all yourself from your own bathroom. The best part is, you don’t have to pee on your smartphone of course. You just pee in a cup and use the smartphone camera.

An the ongoing TED 2013 conference, Ingawale explained how important a urine analysis like this could be for determining health issues. uChek tests for 25 different health issues that could impact our lives. These include things like diabetes, urinary tract infections, cancer, liver problems, etc. The urine analysis also checks for components in the urine like glucose, proteins, nitrates, billirubin and much more. To learn more about this, you can click on either of the two source articles below or just go straight to the uChek website. All I can say is…wow!

uChek App Uses Smartphone Camera For An Accurate Urine Analysis



Via: [Geekosystem] [BBC News] Header Image Credit: [PC Mag]