Video Conferencing For Professional Goals – Why iMind Is The Best Choice

Thinking about which platform for video conferencing to choose, it often becomes strange how they do not correspond to our requirements but only in part. You think: “This one has a helpful feature, but this one provides more comfort. I wish there was a tool where both of these functions would be available…” Well, congratulations! You found that one tool. iMind is one of the best video conferencing platforms nowadays, and below you will learn why.

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The iMind platform – Why Is It So Popular?

The iMind app for video conferences is one of the most discussed tools today. Users like this platform worldwide, and some factors explain this phenomenon:

  • First, the iMind tool is comfortable in usability. It has everything necessary for work and seamless communication and offers rich functionality for reasonable prices.
  • Second, the tool is rapidly (and constantly) developing. It makes it suit the market demand throughout time – and it attracts attention.
  • Third, in spring 2022 the iMind platform was recognized as one of the best tools at one line with Skype and Zoom. In contrast to these old giants, iMind is relatively new which provokes even more interest.

Online meetings are not a big deal today, but regarding the rhythm of the modern lifestyle, it may be challenging to meet the users’ requirements. But iMind handled this task and keeps holding its position.

Features Of iMind

The functions of provide considerable scope for remote interaction at a top level. It is possible due to the following features:

  • free plan – it is available with no limits in time, and even though it has some restrictions for several functions, they do not break the smoothness of the work process;
  • ease of use – you won’t need much time or effort to deal with the interface and core functionality;
  • sound and video advantages – elimination of noise, SD to HD video quality, setting the volume of the other participants, etc.;
  • information flow – use screen sharing with several colleagues at once and benefit from call recording to exchange and perceive the information better;
  • use the more advanced options – pay attention to a chat for business to enhance your communication even more.

The list is not exhaustive, as you can see, and it suggests the idea that iMind has a lot more to offer. Use your chance to join the community and step up your work process to a new level.

How To Use The iMind Tool?

To talk remotely through iMind, you need to:

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Login.
  3. Choose the way to enter the platform.
  4. Choose a subscription or free usage.
  5. Create a new room.
  6. Share the link to invite people.

You can start a call and wait until the attendees will join. Remember you confirm their participation through a video authentication.

Thus, you can see that iMind combines all the best features of video conferencing tools that were popular lately. You can take advantage of the most necessary features for no charge, and choose a convenient option for any case. Check it out now and feel the difference.

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