Warmly App Wakes You Up To Sounds Of Sizzling Bacon & Coffee Brewing

Why is it that we are nice to ourselves when it comes to falling asleep, but horrible to ourselves when it comes to waking up in the morning? What I mean is that we listen to relaxing music and sounds to help us drift off into sleep, and then we’ll turn around and blast our brains with a horrible sounding alarm in the morning to get us out of bed. No wonder most people hate mornings. The Warmly app hopes to change that. It’s a way to wake up in a much nicer way.

We’ve written about many obnoxious alarm clocks over the years, and quite honestly, I don’t know how anyone could start their day off right with any of those. Wouldn’t it be better to slowly and gently wake up to the soothing sound of coffee brewing (fake) and bacon sizzling (fake)? Of course, the smells wouldn’t be there to accompany the sounds (which might be weird), but the sounds alone would be such a nicer way to greet each new day.

These aren’t the only sounds the Warmly app can use to coax you into your new day. You can choose the sound of a peaceful stream, the hum of a train, an airplane taking off or even just the predictable morning birds chirping. Whatever it is you want to gently wake you, the Warmly app will play it softly, then a little louder, then a little louder until you are completely woken up and ready to start your day.

The Warmly app was created by The Chaos Collective. I’m very sad to say that it is only available for Android phones (boo). You can download it here in the Google Play store. Hopefully they are working on an iPhone version. I’d download this right now if that was available. On the other hand, it might annoy me that I would hear bacon sizzling as I woke up, only to find it wasn’t really cooking in my kitchen.

Warmly App Wakes You Up Gently To Pleasant Sounds

Skip to 4:15 to hear the bacon. Mmm…




Via: [Design Taxi] [psfk]