There Is No Being Late With The “Sleep If U Can” Wake-Up App

If you have trouble waking up in the morning, you have probably tried pretty much every wake-up app there is. I think anyone who likes sleeping late can attest to the fact that finding the right app is essential to even keep your job. There are quite a few available, and they range all the way from simple alarm applications to sophisticated approaches that will force you out of bed. The “Sleep If U Can” wake-up app is one of those, and you will soon find out why that is.

One of the worst inventions ever must be the snooze button. I don’t think any invention has made as many people late to work as the snooze button. Sure, it’s a nice thing to be able to hit that button and “sleep” for another five to ten minutes, but you’re only pushing back the inevitable. If we were to take away the snooze button, we would suddenly have to face the reality of actually stumbling out of bed on time. The snooze button is not the wake-up app solution anyone should try to download to their smartphone.

Instead, what the “Sleep If U Can” wake-up app does is force you to get up from the bed in a most unique way. When this app goes off, you will be unable to turn it off. Well, that is until you snap a picture of the same thing you took a picture of before you went to sleep. Basically what that means is that if you take a picture of the bathroom sink before you go to bed, you can just set the alarm and go to sleep. When it goes off in the morning, you will have to drag your lazy butt to the bathroom and take a similar picture again in order to shut the alarm off. Since you are already up, you will probably realize that there is no reason to go back to bed again, and you won’t be late for work or school.

I couldn’t have thought of a better wake-up app if I tried. Imagine your happiness once you’re up on your feet knowing today is another day you won’t be yelled at by your boss for being late, all thanks to that evil snooze button. The “Sleep If U Can” wake-up app is available now through the App Store and will only set you back $1.99. It’s a pretty reasonable price for making sure you will always be on time for work, school or wherever else you need to be in the morning.

Sleep If U Can iPhone Wake-Up App




Via: [Oh Gizmo!]