What Makes WeatherBug The Most Accurate Weather App Worldwide?

WeatherBug is the most accurate weather app that provides lightning alerts and all other information. Today everybody cares about the climate because there are uncertain changes in the weather pattern for past few years. So unexpected changes may ruin plans or bring any danger. You can be updated with weather forecast by using weather app.

But you must choose a most effective app for your mobile. There are many apps available to choose a reliable one is important because you need to depend on the information they provide. WeatherBug is one of the trusted apps available today. Its latest version is v10.0.7.4. Best features of this most accurate weather app WeatherBug are the following.

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Doppler Radar

Doppler radar feature makes it stand out from another app. It includes Doppler radar map that allows seeing multiple options of weather conditions whichever you want to see. You can know the weather update of abroad with this weather forecast app for more than 2.6 million locations around the world. There are 18 different maps to interact and visualize the latest and prevailing weather condition.

WeatherBug Home

This is the best feature that helps to distinguish this from other top weather apps. The feature WeatherBug home provides an estimated amount of energy to keep your house in comfortable condition by estimation HVAC system energy usage in an average house.

This app also allows you to find out how much energy can be saved by adjusting the thermostat which makes this app green as well as economical. Can you think about an app that can save energy and money in a long way?

Track Any Condition

  • Receives severe alerts of weather
  • Real-time weather forecast of your current and other location
  • Reliable hourly and ten days forecasts in details
  • Explore the local and national pollen counts and data
  • Live Doppler radar in animation to get precipitation data
  • Know current traffic condition for a better plan of the day
  • Get notification alert in the notification area of current weather status
  • Get précised weather details like wind speed, weather observation, UV index and many more
  • You can track hurricane forecast using the satellite and radar
  • Plan before ten days of snow forecast and be safe in any severe winter climate with real snow-storm alerts

Premium Feature

With the changes in climatic condition, a negative impact may get created in once lifestyle. It also impacts people’s daily schedules for that this weather app has introduced a new premium feature called lifestyle forecast.

This premium feature is very helpful for those who want to know current weather condition for an outdoor game, allergies, workouts, any chronic pain and lot more. Such feature is not available in another traditional kind of weather apps.


Everybody loves to have a free weather app, and WeatherBug is not only a free app, but it offers all the features and widget also for free. The fun features are plan your day out, gardening forecast, alerts of which fruit or vegetable is available in this season.

Customize The Weather

  1. Access local weather condition, weather map, and weather radar
  2. Know the weather condition in multi-language
  3. Temperature units are shown in Fahrenheit and Celsius
  4. The wind units are KPH, MPH, Knots, and MPS
  5. The pressure units are shown in inches and millibars

In the current version of WeatherBug, AI-powered quality of air data is added. This key feature offers Hyperlocal air quality index, Global air quality with the heat map, activity recommendation and pollutant details.

WeatherBug is definitely the most accurate weather app apart from all others with their latest innovative technology along eco-centered approach. It helps to save energy and money in world’s current situation.

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