10 Best Digital Marketing And Certification Courses For 2018

Over the past few years, the trends and protocols of marketing switch at the speed of light. With so many phenomenon all over the globe, it is merely natural to strive and upgrade your skills every now and then. In order to help you grow further, we have come up with the best SEO training certification courses of 2018.

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1. SEO Certification From Market Motive

And for this purpose, Market Motive is there to help you out. Market Motive is an online web portal, where one can find the best. Market Motives is a sophisticated SEO training portal that provides, total 360-degree information on all SEO concepts. Market Motive brings you this unique SEO certification that is spread over several weeks, thereby giving you enough time to grasp the concepts with self-confidence.

One can make use of SEO training and Certification courses to ace the process, to naturally driving traffic to your website by getting to know all the significant components such as SEO analysis, keyword research, off-page as well as on page optimization etc.This certification is very much ideal for business owners as well as marketing executive professionals who are looking out to becoming an expert in search engine optimization. With this SEO course, you can even learn about the various platforms and tools to administer design and manage search engine optimization campaigns.

2. Opt For Digital Marketing Specialization Course From The University Of Illinois Champaign At Urbana

In this course, one can master the concepts and tools of strategic marketing in order to address the needs of varied brands through brand communication in a digital world.  This course deals with many aspects of the digital marketing environment that includes social media marketing and digital marketing analysis. Once you complete this course, you will have a better knowhow of the fundamentals of digital marketing overall as well as learn about new tools that will help you to digitally promote, create, distribute and price services and products.

3. (SEO) Certification From University Of California At Davis

This certification course prepares you to develop plagiarism free SEO specific web content that will promote the best possible search engine ranking. This course gets you well- equipped with the theory behind Google search and other search engine algorithms. This course will also help you to build up skills that are need of the hour in the current digital marketing scenario and you will be able to apply it to a career in online content development or digital marketing.

4. Sales Training From Hubspot Gives You A Knowhow About Human-Centric Sales Process

Hubspot sales course will educate you about the inbound sales tactic that concentrates on being helpful to your customer needs rather than being salesy. On the conclusion of this course, you will be able to handle buyer objections, will be able to deliver optimum results to clientele and build quality prospects, prospect for new business, and bargain and close a deal.

5. Marketing Mix Implementation Specialization From IE Business School

This marketing specialization is basically stretched across five courses. You will be able to discover the skills required in order to implement successful marketing strategies and master the 4P’s of marketing i.e. Price, Product (Brand and Product Management), Promotion (Communication strategies such as Advertising and PR) and Place (Distribution channel strategy and Retail). The best part of this course is that it is not only theoretical but it also communicates the information that is essential to implement it.

6. Strategy Of Content Marketing From UC Davis

This course will help you to figure out how content marketers attain and retain customers by means of creative writing and appealing content. One can learn about enforcing and creating a content marketing strategy. Not only this, but you will also learn how to use this information to build up your own personal brand.

7. Marketing Strategy Certification From IE Business School

If you are very much puzzled about where to commence your marketing journey of your firm, then this is the best course for you. This course will teach you how to build up a marketing strategy for your service, product or entrepreneurial venture. Additionally, you will also learn how to position and segment your business for success.

8. Public Relations Certification For Digital Media Specialization From National University Of Singapore

Although, everyone concentrates mainly on digital marketing, is also very essential to learn about the various aspects of public relations in digital media. This certification will help you to comprehend, on how to attain long-term business goals along with public relations. This course also demystifies the part of planning PR campaigns as well as optimizing social media content. Additionally, you will also get to create a strategic communication plan in response to a real-time PR crisis.

9. Introduction To Marketing Certificate Course From University Of Pennsylvania

In this certification course, you will learn about the three main important topics in customer loyalty which is, customer centricity, branding and go to market strategies. This course is again spread across multiple weeks with only about 4 to 6 hours of dedication per week.

10. Viral Marketing And How To Craft Contagious Content From University Of Pennsylvania

If you want to discover how ideas capture the imagination of people, then this course is the best one for you. In this course, you will particularly learn how to amplify your power, how to generate word of mouth publicity, and also make use social media to promote and influence.

So, that was a collection of the 10 best digital marketing certifications and courses for 2018 that is available online.  Therefore, if you are looking out to launch your career in digital marketing, Market Motive is the best place for you; where you can find the best course that would suit your needs. Hope with the information mentioned above you could find what you have been looking for. And wish you all the best for your learning journey.

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