10 Software Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

If nearly all entrepreneurs have one thing in common, it’s having entirely too many things on their plate at one time. For most entrepreneurs, things usually come down to having to do something or it doesn’t get done. This means everything having to do with hiring people, managing teams, marketing, dealing with finances, and so much more end up being the responsibility of the owner.

Juggling all of these tasks can be a daunting task and can end up leading to a lot of stress. Fortunately, there is a way to better manage these tasks with software tools, but which? That’s where Technology Evaluation Centers come in. What follows will get you started.

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With all the things an entrepreneur needs to do, it’s easy sometimes to lose track of time and never see a deadline coming. Due is one online tool that is great for solving this problem. Not only will the tool allow an entrepreneur to keep better track of their time, but it even gives them the ability to automate certain tasks so there’s no need to worry about them getting done. Just set up the parameters of the task to get done, and it gets done.


Another problem that entrepreneurs frequently get involved with is with fighting with email. As important as good communication is, there’s just too much email going around. That’s the reason for Asana, which brings all communications into one central location using one tool. Asana streamlines everything while still allowing everyone to keep in touch.

Google Drive

It’s easy to assume that everyone already knows about Google Drive, but if you don’t, it’s worth your time and trouble to learn more. Google Drive gives a user the ability to convert and edit Microsoft Office documents while sharing them with nearly anyone. With Google Drive, freelancers, employees, clients, and nearly anyone else can collaborate without the hassle normally associated with sharing files.


There probably isn’t an entrepreneur anywhere who doesn’t have too much to read and wishes they could take whatever they have to read with them on the road. Fortunately, with SoundGecko, an entrepreneur can translate content into an audio file to read on the go.


There probably isn’t an entrepreneur anywhere who isn’t on the lookout for more funding. If that describes you, AngelList might provide just such a source. AngelList is a social network that helps entrepreneurs make connections with others looking to invest.


Need a logo? Or maybe even a social media cover photo? How about some website content? Everyday, entrepreneurs feed their greatest creative needs to users on Fiverr to get them done. An entrepreneur can set up a gig with a freelancer for as little as $5, but that doesn’t mean that the work is sub par. In fact, in most cases, it’s great.


Elance is another tool that allows entrepreneurs to find freelancers for all sorts of creative projects. From airtwork to editorial, there’s somebody here that will help you with it.


Creating an original website is great, but if that doesn’t fit you or your needs, Wix can provide a basis that nearly anyone can mix and match with to create a website.

ShareDesk Or DeskTime

Any entrepreneur who needs an office or even just a desk for a day should check out ShareDesk or DeskTime for co-working arrangements of practically any sort. Why pay for a whole office when all you need is a desk or a little office space?

Google Now

Any entrepreneur who believes they are automated but could still use a little extra help getting things done would do well with Google Now. Google Now will tell you, for example, when it’s time to leave for an appointment that you might have on your calendar, whether your flight is delayed, or when there are new articles on your favorite website. It’s kind of a personal assistant of sorts. If you have a lot of balls in the air, Google Now could be of great help.

Any entrepreneur who is on the lookout for tools to keep them organized should talk to Technology Evaluation Center about software to help keep them on the straight and narrow. They will be better business people for it.

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