4 Common Digital Marketing Roadblocks & How To Move Past Them

What do you do when all of the traditional business marketing strategies no longer work like they used to? The world of digital marketing is fast-paced and ever-changing. It requires digital marketing directors and experts to agree to become lifetime learners. This is not an industry where the top leading tactics for digital marketing you came out of school with are the same even a year later.

Luckily, there are some golden standards in the digital marketing world, that though ever-evolving, ring true no matter who you are. It may sound simple, but if you feel stuck and not quite sure where to start on your journey in improving your digital marketing tactics, a good place to start is by identifying your primary roadblocks to producing successful content. So what are some common digital marketing roadblocks you may be running into? And how do you move past them? We’ve compiled a short list below that can help you course-correct and get back on track.

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Roadblock 1 – Lacking Interactive Content

Are your posts getting viewed, but not receiving the sort of interaction you were hoping for? This is a common roadblock that can be super important to clear up, as we all know that viewer interaction helps the algorithm on social media prioritize your posts.

A way you can make your content more interactive is to leave your viewers with either a question or a call to action. A question can defer to your audience and give them the chance to weigh in and be the expert. It communicates to them that you value their voice, and what they have to bring to the table matters to you.

Additionally, engaging your viewer by giving them a call-to-action can look like directing them to tag a friend who the post makes them think of, comment a favorite relevant emoji, vote between two different styles, or take a quiz to personalize the online experience. Making your content easy to interact with by giving a simple directive is a great way to increase the interaction on your posts.

Roadblock 2 – Lacking Momentum Between Posts

Have you had a couple of posts take off, but many that fall flat? Running into the one-hit-wonder roadblock can be deeply discouraging, and leave you wondering what you did wrong, or maybe even what you did right that other time.

It’s important to maintain a sense of momentum between your posts, which means that being a one-hit-wonder is never the goal. Instead, the goal of every post is the outdo the last one. And though not every post is going to have the same amount of interaction or success, it’s important to pursue a general sense of consistency where your numbers are concerned. Consistency is the key, and it requires strategy.

Know what your popular touchpoints are with your audience whether it’s sentiment, humor, or inspiration, and be willing to try and replicate that over and over again. However, the other key aspect to momentum is also your ability to pivot and shift with your target market. Continually analyze who your target market is and what their interests are, and be willing to change with them.

Roadblock 3 – Lacking Fresh Insight Into Your Work

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the daily grind and quick changes in the digital marketing industry? Many people run the risk of falling behind or experiencing burnout when it comes to acquiring inspiration or maintaining up-to-date knowledge in their profession.

In a world where what worked yesterday might not work tomorrow, it is important to stay up to date with the newest industry standards, whether it’s in SEO, driving traffic, or understanding eCommerce. Listening to podcasts by leading industry professionals can be a great way to stay inspired and informed. Try a Kevin Miller podcast if you’re looking for a good place to start.

Roadblock 4 – Lacking Content That Holds The Viewer’s Attention

Are you producing content, but it’s just not hitting the mark? Many people in digital marketing fall into the dilemma of quality versus quantity, and in turn, sacrifice producing good content for the sake of pushing constant content.

Quality versus quantity is a debate as old as time, and in the digital marketing world, both matter. Finding that sweet spot of maintaining relevance, momentum, and consistency through quantity and maintaining a standard of excellence, brand trustworthiness, and impact through quality is crucial. A golden standard for the quality of content you push out is to make sure every piece is engaging.

Pieces that are engaging to read often are how-to pieces, example posts, and list articles posts. Posts that show how to carry out a process do well because they are actionable. For the same reason, producing content that has illustrated examples about the subject you’re speaking about holds the reader’s attention. Content that Rare set up in list format gives the viewer an expectation of how much reading they are committing to, and therefore, have a higher chance of being read in full from start to finish.

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