4 Practical WooCommerce Tips For Small Business Owner

Gone are the days when starting a new online business required expertise and vast resources. Today you can create your own eCommerce store on WordPress without any professional assistance or spending too much money.

With the help of WooCommerce, you can set your own professional looking store and can sell your products without any hassle. WooCommerce makes it easier for you to manage your store, but you can make it even more efficient by following a few simple tips and tricks. So, if you want to improve your WooCommerce store below are a few tips that can help you achieve that.

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Make Your Store More User-Friendly

When you are designing your store on WooCommerce, you don’t just need to pay attention to how amazing a page or widget looks to a user, but you also need to focus on the navigation. How visitors navigate on your store is crucial and can be a deciding factor in whether they will make a purchase or not. You need to make sure that the customer is getting to their desired destination with the least number of clicks. So keep in mind that you need to categorize your products smartly. Make a sub-category only when it is efficient for that kind of product range.

Manage Multiple Stores At Once

As online businesses have become the new norm, a lot of sellers have started to make multiple stores for their business. When you are running two or more stores at a time, it can become challenging for you to manage them simultaneously. You will have to switch between stores continually and that can be very annoying. You can make it easier with the help of a multi-store add-on you can find on woomultistore.com. With the assistance of this add-on, you can view all your stock in one place, and edit it easily whenever you want.

Use Sub-categories To Your Advantage

Adding sub-categories to your WooCommerce store is very important. You can make your products easily discoverable with the help of categories, but if the range is too big for that category, it is always better to create a subcategory for it. It will not only help your users find what they are looking for quickly, but it will also make it easier for you to manage your inventory.

Also, do keep in mind that subcategories only work when the range of products is vast. If the range is small and the product can be discovered easily, there is no need to pollute search filters with additional sub-categories.

Improve Internal Linking

For any online business, internal linking is crucial. The idea here is to introduce your visitor with a blog that will further link them to relevant content. This applies to WooCommerce stores as well, and it is a shame that most online stores don’t pay attention to it. Also, adding internal links to a WooCommerce store is very easy. WooCommerce already has built-in options like upselling and cross-selling. Upselling allows you to suggest products on product pages, and cross-sell allows you to recommend products on the cart page.

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