4 Tips To Improve Your Business’ Brand Message

The free market is all about choice. Yet, at the same time, many businesses exist that serve basically the same function. After all, both Nike and New Balance make shoes; both Pepsi and Coke sell soda. The difference between similar companies often comes down to their brand, their voice, and their message. How a company communicates with its audience as just as important as the substance of its message. With that in mind, today we’ll explain how growing companies can sharpen their brand image and communicate more effectively with their customers.

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Coordinate Different Platforms

Odds are, most new businesses will operate on multiple social media accounts and websites at one time. As such, it’s crucial for companies to coordinate their messages across platforms. Not only will this amplify your brand voice and ensure the maximum number of people hear what you have to say, but it will also prevent any possible confusion that could arise as a result of conflicting messages on different sites. (And that’s the last thing any company can afford.)

Conduct Thorough Research

Sometimes, the difference between rival companies is obvious. Someone who regularly shops at Hot Topic, for instance, isn’t likely to be a part of a Patagonia target market. Yet, the only way to know for sure who is and isn’t a potential lead for your business is to conduct a thorough analysis of customer behavior. Run surveys, review data, and then use that information to craft unique messages to your audience.

Value Quality Over Quantity

Some businesses try to “flood the zone” by constantly running ads, posting new messages, and inundating their customers’ inboxes with new promos and updates. Such a strategy may annoy your customer base and erode support over time. While all of these methods can be effective in their own right, there’s something to be said for creating excellent content that resonates with people. Of course, doing so will often take time and require more resources. However, one ad that connects with a consumer is worth more than ten that don’t.


Successful companies may have hundreds or even thousands of dedicated followers on social media. These consumers constantly make comments, ask questions, and engage with business pages. Reach out to them! Replying to a consumer’s post is a great way to win them over for life.

Note also that being willing to tackle tough questions or allay consumer concerns on a public platform can boost your brand awareness and perception. Remember, social media is not a one-way conversation; it’s a dialogue, and the more you value what your consumers have to say, the more they’ll respect your organization.

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