5 Best Practices To Building A Lead Generation Website

Your website is neat. That’s not the point of a website. Many businesses have neat websites. But really it doesn’t matter how neat your website is if nobody visits it. And once someone visits it, you don’t just want them to say, “That’s neat!” and click away. If that’s all you’ve accomplished, your website isn’t doing its job.

Your website’s first priority is to generate leads and then to make sure your leads are converting. You’ve got to make sure you turn your neat regular website into a lead generation website. And it’s easier said than done—as many as 61% of marketers say generating leads is their top challenge.

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What Is A Lead Generation Website?

A lead generation website is one that provides you with a steady flow of website visitors and potential leads, giving you more chances to convert. There are some obvious things that the best-performing lead generation websites have in common, like having easy-to-see contact info, a clear CTA, and engaging content. We’ll go into detail on some of the most common—and most powerful—ways to turn your website into a valuable employee.

Best Practices For Generating Leads On Your Website

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the process of refining your website so you show up higher in search results. Studies show that as many as 67.6% of all clicks go to the first five results—and it’s an incredibly competitive space. Entire careers are built around SEO, so there are tons of things you could do, but some of the things you can start on today include the following:

  • Add relevant keywords. Think like your leads—what would they search for to find you? Make sure those words show up on your website, or it’ll never be found.
  • Start a blog with tips and advice for your new customers and potential customers using some of your most relevant keywords, and link to other places both on your website and off. By doing this, search engines like Google will start to recognize that your website is relevant and interesting, ranking it higher and higher in the results.
  • Focus on your neighborhood. You don’t really need to show up for results in Dayton if your business is in Little Rock. Make sure you keep the name of your business along with your location in prominent places on your website, your blog, and your contact page. This, combined with your Google reviews and Google My Business map listing, will help your business show up higher in local search.

2. Blogging

As mentioned above, maintaining a blog is a great step towards building a lead-generating website, but of course, it’s not all about SEO and keywords. Your blog is a chance to put your best foot forward. You’re showing expertise in your field, and you’re turning your website into a place where your customers want to spend time. They’ll get value out of your website, so they’re more likely to stick around.

Blogging has the effect of guiding your traffic to pages that are increasingly relevant to your customers, inching them towards conversion. Not all leads are qualified leads—blogging helps your leads get more comfortable with the idea of doing business with you as they see your knowledge applied.

3. Guest Posting

As part of your SEO and blog strategy, guest posting (or writing a guest blog post that is hosted on another domain) does wonders for your website. You should seek partnerships with relevant blogs, businesses, and experts in your field, and offer an exchange of guest posts. As you create a network of expertise, you start to share not only industry knowledge but you’re getting traffic from all sorts of new sources. Before you know it, you’re getting inbound leads from your network’s network. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.

This in turn makes your website rank higher in search results as well, since you’re creating valuable backlinks to your website. Search engines recognize this and reward your page for becoming increasingly relevant and valuable.

4. Optimize Your Website

It’s worth doing a checkup to make sure your website is well set up for the traffic you’re trying to attract. Run through these questions and see how you’re doing:

  • Do you have a current phone number and address easily visible?
  • Are your social media profiles linked from your home page?
  • Are you utilizing landing pages for your most popular products/services?
  • Is your site navigation easy to understand?
  • Are your users going to see what they’re looking for when they first navigate to your homepage?
  • Can your customers chat with you or text you from your website?
  • Have you updated your web design recently?
  • Do you have a form to gather contact information?
  • Do you have a clear CTA (call to action) on your home page (such as “Call now” or “text us”)?
  • If your visitors leave your website, have you had an opportunity to capture their information?

5. Invest In Lead Generation Tools

There are many marketing tools available to help out. Each one is different, but when looking for a lead generation tool, a comprehensive approach can be valuable. For instance, Podium helps you get more reviews through text invites, rank higher in local results, capture leads right on your website with their Webchat tool, and even collect payment—so you’re getting people to your website, capturing qualified leads, and closing the deal in one text conversation. You can sign up for free and install their Webchat tool on your website, and get a free textable business line.

Lead Generation Is Your Business’s Bread And Butter

Once you’ve been in business long enough, you start to realize how it all comes down to math. You work to increase your conversion rate, but the most reliable way to get more conversions is to increase the number of leads you’re generating. Once you get started with these few tips, you’ll generate leads and convert visitors at ever-increasing rates.

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