5 Must-Dos To Increase Website Traffic In 2020

Whether you’re looking to boost traffic to your business website or blog, driving more users is critical to growth and success. This is even more important in 2020, since competition increases for businesses across every industry every year. This, however, is where the work begins.

Knowing what optimization tactics to employ, as well as tips and tricks for generating more buzz, can be difficult. Do you focus efforts on SEO? How about social media marketing, or PPC? The direction you head does make a difference. After all, you may need to allocate resources like time and money to a few different strategies.

You don’t want to waste valuable resources. The good news is that we compiled a list of must-dos to increase website traffic in 2020. Let’s take a closer look.

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1. SEO Is Not Dead, It’s Actually Just Maturing

One of the first strategies to employ in order to increase your website traffic in 2020, and beyond, is search engine optimization (SEO). I know what you’re thinking, “SEO again?” Yes, search optimization does feel pretty played out, but it still has a ton of value. In fact, ignoring search optimization all together can be a huge mistake.

There are a lot of SEO tactics to lean on, you just need to know the ones that will get you results. “Finding the right balance of content, site organization, backend structure, and off-site search engine marketing is key to developing and implementing a successful SEO campaign,” leading SEO company CEO Garry Grant explained.

For example, site speed, backlinks, mobile load time, keywords in SEO titles and meta descriptions, local search terms, and more should all be on your optimization checklist for 2020.

2. Develop More Content To Capitalize On More Keywords

Content is a great way to increase website traffic, especially if you are not currently developing much now. For instance, if you have a business website, create more blogs that are keyword-centric. This can help you cover more industry keywords and get you on more search engine results pages (SERPs).

“It drives views and engagement, whether it’s in the form of articles, videos, presentations or other materials,” Francine Carb explained in a Forbes article. “Content is what allows you to connect and communicate with your customers.”

3. Get To Know Your Audience Better

Many business owners and bloggers fall short when it comes to getting to know their audiences better. Unfortunately, if you don’t know who your catering your content to, or your products and/or services, you can’t be enticing enough to drive traffic to your website.

There are a few months left before 2020 is here, so spend it getting to know your audience better. Create detail customer personas with demographic data, interests, buying habits, etc. Then tailor content that focuses just on them.

4. Focus On Building A Brand, Not Just A Business

Branding is more important than ever, and will continue to be essential in 2020. Instead of just being a business, become a brand, whether that’s local or global. If someone asked you to draw the Starbucks’ logo, you probably could from muscle memory. Why? It’s a brand.

Now reaching a Starbucks branding level may be a long endeavor, but starting now will give you a competitive edge down the road. Make 2020 the year of branding and the rest will surprisingly fall into place.

5. Pay Very Close Attention To Voice Search

The innovative technology being released every month is pretty amazing. And many new tech products are all about voice, especially in the mobile and smart home space. When you need something from Alexa or Siri, you speak it, not type it. It’s called voice search, and it is the future of search.

What does this all mean? It means that you need to make content that is voice search optimized. For instance, instead of creating a blog titled, “Top Rated Netflix Movies,” you should title it, “What Are The Best Netflix Movies To Watch.” This is natural speech that a voice search user may ask.

“Voice search drastically improves user experience – and because of that, by the year 2020, half of all online searches will be made through voice search,” Gabriel Shaoolian of Forbes explained.

In Conclusion

The above five must-dos to increase website traffic in 2020 are certainly great places to begin. Traffic is the life blood of your business or blog, so be sure to put practices in place to maximize website views this New Year and even further down the road.

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