5 Great Promotional Ideas For Your Business

When you’re buying something, it can sometimes seem like there are too many products and variety from which to choose. This excessive variety or the illusion of too many choices can be a problem for marketing a product. People are bombarded every single day with ads that may or may not be relevant to their interests but are persistently annoying.

When you want to promote your small business, the last thing you want to do is annoy potential leads or regular customers. That’s why your marketing strategy should be approached with a bit of finesse. To do that, you need to build engagement with your audience.

This can come from utilizing resources such as the internet and social media to generate interest, engage with guests, and promote your brand. If you’re looking for a few ideas to get the promotional ball rolling, we put together a short guide to a few different ways that can help you promote your business. Keep reading to learn more.

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Build A Strong Web Presence

The first step on the path to awesome business promotion is to build a strong web presence. As a small business, your company should undoubtedly have a website. Part of building a website involves creating an easy-to-navigate page, high-quality content on each page, and a simple means to send visitors down a conversion funnel that will result in them ultimately making a purchase.

It should also be easy to communicate with your business. Anybody who wishes to seek additional information or learn about a project should be able to find that information quickly. Meaningful interactions with your website are the first step to cultivating a strong customer base.

There are a variety of tools available to help you measure your success in this area, including heat maps that can track customer Mouse movements, click-through rates, and other important metrics. Most potential customers will start at your website to get information about your brand, so ensuring it’s representative of your values is crucial to your continued success.

Discount Programs

So, your website already rocks, and you’ve got a strong social media presence. Now it’s time to figure out some other awesome initiatives for your customers. Consider offering a discount program at your business. Even small businesses can benefit from discount programs because they help save both customers and business owners’ money.

Offering a discount for paying cash, for instance, can help defray the costs of credit card processing. Other types of discount programs might help increase sales, boost profits, and reduce excess inventory.

Offering coupons, buy one, get one free promos, and customer loyalty programs can help with marketing as well, showing potential customers that you want their business and won’t disappoint them when they patronize your establishment.

Social Media Contests

Contests can be a fun and engaging experience for your customers (and potential customers!). When you’re running a social media contest, you should focus on building interest in your brand and engaging potential customers.

Make the giveaway item something worthwhile, such as a customized item or discount for your business. Use social media as a way to communicate with potential customers and drive interest toward your business.

Talk to potential leads and explain the benefits of becoming a patron. Be organic, friendly, and engaging. Using social media can be a powerful tool for driving interest in your business so make sure you plan out your campaign and set it in motion to optimize its returns.

Free Pens

Everyone needs to write something down once in a while. Sure, computers and smartphones are wonderful for taking notes, but sometimes you just can’t argue with the tactile sensation of holding a pen in your hand. Pens have often been used as freebies and promotional gifts at various places.

Most of us probably went into a doctor’s office, car dealership, real estate office, or bank and been able to go home with a pen or two. A fantastic promotional gift because not only are they inexpensive to purchase in bulk, but you can give them away to give customers a token of your esteem.

Furthermore, a pen can be customized to contain your company’s information. Anybody who borrows the pen or uses it will see this information and might grow interested in your organization. If that’s the case, they might end up becoming a customer at some point.

So in the end, pens become a valuable promotional tool simply by passively promoting your organization. Free pens can be ballpoint pens, pens with click tops, slightly fancier pens, gel pens, or any type of pen you decide to provide for your customers.

Custom Tote Bags

 If you want to go a step above pens, or merely build on the good will of using pens as a professional device, custom tote bags can also be a great promotional gift. A tote bag is a great reusable item that can be good for the environment and be useful for other applications.

Putting your name and logo on a tote bag, then providing it as either a giveaway or specialty item at your store, can help increase customer engagement. Moreover, when customers take it and use it elsewhere, it can advertise your business a little.

Tote bags are inexpensive and can be purchased in bulk. This means you can leverage them to whatever your marketing needs are going to be without too much difficulty. Ultimately, providing custom bags at your business can be very beneficial to you by giving your customers something unique to talk about and enjoy—and hopefully make them repeat customers in the long run.

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