7 Surprising (But Effective) Moves To Boost Your Job Search

You have already found your dream job, created a perfect resume, landed dozens of interviews but still hadn’t got an offer? Everything seems so well-organized and thought out but there is a problem. And we know how to help you.

The labor market and its rules are changing very fast. Something that was effective the previous year won’t work this year. It’s not enough to learn the principles of resume writing and write a good resume. The recruiters need more than a good application document. There are some surprisingly working steps that you should make to boost your job search. Read this article and you will find them out.

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1. Apply For Jobs That You Like

You can apply for 50 jobs and get no reply or apply for 3 and get hired to one of them. Paradox? No way!

There is a smart “9 out of 10 rule” that encourages job seekers to apply for those jobs only that you could rank 9 on a 10 points scale. It’s easy to explain the rule. When you deal with things that inspire and motivate you or simply things that you like, your attitude changes. You start showing the particular interest, emitting enthusiasm and passion in your eyes. Recruiters feel it even through your cover letter not even saying about the interview.

So, pick up the jobs based on this rule and send your resume!

2. Review The Fundamental Things

While you facing rejections and failures trying to change something, the problems are remaining underpinning. We would recommend you to check out your resume and match it with the requirements given in the job ad.

Probably, the recruiter didn’t like some piece of information or your resume contains mistakes, which is unacceptable.

3. Ask For Unbiased Opinion

It’s not easy to write a cover letter because when reading it, you can’t perceive it objectively. Probably, your cover letter contains information that an employer might not like. Plus, the document might be written in the unacceptable tone. So, reach your friend and ask him to read your cover letter and specify the problems.

4. Reach The HR Manager

Hiring managers are great moderators, who don’t only connect you with an employer but also know him and can tell you what you did wrong. After the interview, if you didn’t get an answer in some time, reach the HR manager and ask about the decision of the employer. Don’t be obsessive. Tell that you really want to get the job and it’s so important to you but if the recruiter found someone else as a perfect fit, you would like to know it to move on.

5. Apply To A Career Coach

Sometimes even the experience of your friends and family won’t help you. Plus, you should remember that situations differ and it’s important to make decisions based on your special circumstances!

In such cases, the career coach can help you. Experienced career coaches know how to handle particular problems, act in unpredictable situations, change the directions, and adjust to the new requirements. You might not hire him for the entire process but pay for consultation only.

6. Update Your Social Media Profiles

In the fast-moving world, the “age” of information is important. The more relevant the information is, the more valuable people consider it.

So, update your social media profiles with the relevant information – achievements, articles, links, references, etc.

7. Leave Your Old Contacts

Sometimes you should leave your old network to move on. If you see any opportunities in your network, try to reach someone new with his own network that is new for you and provides new opportunities. Do it the same way as you reached your network: social media, friends, professional and non-professional events, etc.

If you stuck in one place, you should reconsider your job search and analyze your approach. Don’t be afraid to change something because some changes lead to the progress.

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