8 Video Marketing Tips You Must Know

If you are looking for a way to stand out with your marketing in 2021, video marketing is the way to go. Fewer people create video content, so it really helps you stand out. There are also networks such as Facebook and Instagram where the algorithm gives preference to video and helps you generate more engagement, traffic, and sales.

And of course, there are video networks such as YouTube and TikTok where it is imperative to build a presence with video. If you don’t create video content you are missing out on a ton of important benefits. Therefore to help you get it right, I have shared my top video marketing tips below.

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Keep Videos Short

When people think about video marketing they think that they need to create videos that are several minutes to hours long. This is the wrong way of thinking. Long videos might have worked in the past, but people are very different now. They are overloaded with content on a daily basis. They subscribe to tons of email lists and websites and they have accounts on over 8 social networks.

They are bombarded with a ton of articles to read, podcasts to listen to and scores of videos to watch every single day. This is why if you create a video that is hours long very few will watch it.

The solution is to create videos that are a few seconds to a couple of minutes long. This will get you a lot of views even from really busy people too. So, get good video editing software and chop up your video.

If you want to create a really long video, you can instead create several short ones.

Create Different Videos For Different Platforms

Another mistake people make these days is creating the same video for all the different platforms they are active on. This is because different videos work on different networks. They can vary by dimensions, video length, and various other unique factors.

For example, videos with square dimensions do well on Instagram, but on networks such as Vimeo, landscape images work best. Then there are networks such as YouTube where you need to create landscape videos for the feed and portrait videos for stories.

This is why you must always consider the platform and create different videos. For best results, follow the guidelines provided by the platform or by studies from authority sites.

Create Gated Video Content

You should also create gated video content like webinars and online courses. These content types will get fewer views, but they can help you build an email list that can be useful in generating sales.

Most people only focus on creating public social media videos. These help boost engagement and brand impressions but generate very few sales.

Create Thumbnails

Do you see those images that appear when you see a video (the thumbnail) in your feed? These are thumbnails. They play a key role in helping you generate more views. So, if you want to get more of them, make sure you create attention-grabbing thumbnails that tease the contents of the video.

Creating them might seem like a big extra step, but they are actually very easy to create. All, you need is a free screenshot tool to take a screengrab of a scene, a background remover to remove the unwanted bits, and an image editor to put it all together.

You could also hire a designer to help you out.

Use Influencer Marketing

Publishing the video on your social media channels and website will help. But what will work even better is to work with influencers who have tons of followers. Therefore, after you publish it on your channels, reach out to influencers and ask them to publish it on theirs.

Ask them to credit your account in their video as it will direct some of their followers to your channel. This can help you get followers. If it’s a promotional video where you are promoting products, you can ask them to direct people to your website where they can buy the product.

Optimize For SEO

Another video promotion tactic is SEO. As social networks like YouTube are also search engines. Also, videos from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion appear in search results. So, make sure you optimize your videos with keywords. You should add them to the title, tags, and description.

Do a lot of research to find the right keywords. This research will also help you find the best topics to make videos on.

Use Ads

If you have a good budget, you should invest some of the money into running ads. As this will help you get views very quickly. Video ads are also good for driving sales.

Gather Data

One of the biggest benefits of video marketing is you can gather more data when compared to written content and still images, especially on social media. So, make a note of your important KPIs and track them.


These are the different video marketing tactics you should be using. They will help you get more views, followers, traffic, and sales.

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