Who Would Benefit From Fleet Tracking?

Small businesses are an incredibly important part of our economy; from one-person companies to fully-fledged workplaces. As a small business owner, it’s crucial that you’re looking after your assets properly. If your company utilizes cars, vans or any other vehicles, fleet tracking can be an important part of running your business.

So, what kinds of businesses would benefit from utilizing fleet tracking technology for their workplace vehicles? There are many different industries that could take advantage of its features; if you’re not sure whether it’s something you should be looking into, take a look at this for inspiration.

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Construction And Decorating

One of the essentials for any workers in the construction or decorating industries is a van to store anything from the basic tools of the trade to transporting old materials to a recycling center. By using fleet tracking for these roles, not only does it save time within the working day by not requiring reporting to a physical office, but it also offers more security when it comes to the storage of more valuable tools and items.

Housing Maintenance

A role that involves a great deal of travel and time management, fleet tracking can be a crucial addition to the working day. Monitoring can provide an effective idea of where your employees are at all times, allowing for accurate quotations of roles and a clearer picture of what your staff members are doing or if they’re behind schedule on their working day. This advantage can make staff management and customer service a far more straightforward task, allowing you to provide ETAs for upcoming work as well as keeping a closer eye on your staff.

Estate Agents

Another role that requires a lot of time on the road – using GPS tracking in the cars of estate agents not only ensures the safety of staff and their vehicles at all times, but it also provides a direct link to location, allowing additional tasks to be performed by the person closest to the position of each job rather than wasting time. Installing fleet tracking takes the risk out of company cars, ensuring that your staff is accomplishing the goals and tasks set for them.

Electricians And Plumbers

Often a far more unpredictable role than other labor jobs, both plumbers and electricians are far more likely to be called out to emergency roles, need to undertake additional work and have a more complicated schedule. In addition to this, many of the tools and items used for each job are expensive and hard to replace when stolen. GPS tracking not only makes it easier to functionally know how long a worker is at each job, perfect for payroll and invoicing but also encourages slower workers to improve their time management and motivation.

Mobile Vehicle Repair

With working radiuses that could be anything upward of 50 miles, and the need for peak efficiency to reach each job, mechanics working in mobile vehicle repair are at a significant advantage when using fleet tracking technology. Offering dispatch a better picture of exactly where their team is, and allowing for a more logistical approach to job allocation, not only saves time between jobs but also reduces the cost of petrol per repair. Compared to tracking via mobile, fleet GPS is also more reliable, even in rural areas.

There are countless ways that fleet tracking technology can improve business practices, make your company more efficient and even cut the costs of petrol and overtime hours for emergency response management. With GPS tracking, your staff is safer and more supported at all times, and their vehicles have a watchful eye over them – keeping expensive tools and items under lock and key, and preventing theft or damage.

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