Traditional Publicity vs. Content Marketing [Chart]

Content marketing continues to be a hot topic as more and more brands find creative ways to distribute valuable content and establish themselves as leaders in their industries. Successful content marketers have a knack for providing high quality resources for their clients and potential clients. And as a result, they attract many new clients. It’s a great inbound marketing strategy.

There are many examples of companies who do this right, and I will share one example that I noticed this week. If you are interested in SEO, you may be familiar with Yoast. It is a brand that has done an outstanding job with their content marketing, and as a result, over 500 websites have paid them $1,000 to do a website review. People trust Yoast, and they’ve established themselves as a leader in SEO.

There are tons of brands who claim to be SEO experts, but through their content marketing and the resources they have available, Yoast has been able to stay ahead of the pack and stand out from the crowd. It’s a great example of content marketing done right. When you read their article called 500 Website Reviews, What We’ve Learned, you don’t feel like you are being sold anything. It’s genius.

For those people who are still fuzzy about what the advantages of content marketing are, and how content marketing compares to traditional publicity, I thought this chart might help. It was put together by Attach Media, and it’s simply called Traditional Publicity vs. Content Marketing. It’s a great graphic that at-a-glance shows you the main differences between the two. After looking at this, you’ll probably have an ah-ha moment as it all becomes clear. Content marketing continues to gain momentum, and it will be interesting to see how far it all goes.

Traditional Publicity vs. Content Marketing

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