How To Create Better Content And Attract More Attention [Infographic]

The true measure of the success of a website is the amount of traffic it generates. You may have brilliant articles but showing up on search engines and making it to the list of the top 10 websites in your domain needs much more. Something as basic as the length of a URL can govern how many readers visit your post. Yes, websites with a shorter URL, typically less than 50 characters, tend to rank higher in the ratings. We bring to you many such amazing pieces of information in this article to make sure that you make better content and that your website becomes extremely popular for its viral content within a short span of time. Before you scroll all the way down to the infographic (produced by Siege Media), check out some of the tips in this article. It is well worth your time.

You may have loads of excellent ideas but expressing them in simple words is equally important. How easy your articles are to read determines the rank of your website. A commonly used measure is the Flesch Readability score that estimates the youngest age group of readers that will be able to understand your text. [pullquote]The average readability score of top ranking content is around 76, which means that it can be easily comprehended by 13 to 15 year-olds.[/pullquote] There are various free resources available on the internet that can help you determine the readability of your content before you hit “Publish”.

Another way to create better content than the thousands of websites belonging to the same niche is to add interactive media such as graphics, animations, and videos. These are way better than plain old images and will definitely improve the ranking of your website. Also, keep the size of the images small and the length of the videos short so that your site may load faster. However, do not compromise on the quality of the photos and try to upload media captured using a professional camera. Visual appeal is one of the keys to the success of a website, so include an image after every 100 words or so of text.

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Bullet points and short paragraphs are always preferred to large chunks of text. Let this not deter you from publishing longer posts because the top online resources have an average length of approximately 2,400 words per article. Most of the viral content out there links out to authority websites to make their presence felt. Making the site more shareable and linkable also improves its ranking. You may not believe it but adding some floating share buttons on your website can increase your traffic by 27%! Such a simple trick yet such huge benefits!

Did you know that there are different optimal times for sharing your posts on different social media platforms? While most people head over to Pinterest on weekend nights, more people might read your post on Facebook if you share it between 1 pm to 4 pm, Thursday through Sunday. Are there some basic tricks for boosting your website’s traffic that you have overlooked all this time? Check out the detailed informatic below to find out a ton of useful tips on how to create better content. Just follow what the informatic says and watch your viral content take the web by storm.

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How To Create Better Content And Attract More Readers

How To Create Better Content Infographic

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