Easy Ways To Extend DevOps Team

Once you receive a bigger project to create, you can’t miss the opportunity. However, many business owners believe it is “mission impossible” to extend the team of developers right in the middle of their work. The truth is you can do everything before the deadline if you know where to find a professional product design and development team and how to make everyone work together. You should hire the best developers who have specific skills and know the specific programming languages you need for the project.

While the classic option is to hire more people to do the job, many business owners prefer to use the power of an extended DevOps team. It is a smart move since technologies are getting smarter every day, and programming languages continue to evolve. Not all workers you have currently involved in the project can handle it, unlike extended teams from the outside.

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Working Solutions For DevOps Team Extension

Let’s check out all your options when it comes to the team extension. To get the most out of outsourcing, you have to learn how to act. The most popular ways to extend the team are:

  • Clarify your needs. Do you have a direct goal to follow? If not, it is better to get one. If you don’t have a plan, you might end up missing all deadlines or making the work for the whole developers’ team even harder than it could be. Once you create a plan, share it with your employees;
  • DevOps in-house. It is better to hire a team that can grow together with the business. It can take some time to train everyone, but the in-house team is crucial for any project. They are already good at communicating with each other, and you know their abilities;
  • Outsource your software development. Even the best professional team you work with can’t possibly know everything or handle all the projects you have. Besides, employees from outsourcing will help your team to raise their own skills and stay motivated. When you have deadlines and know that you will not be able to finish the project on time, don’t hesitate to hire professionals from outside;
  • Freelance developers. It is similar to outsourcing, but you hire freelancers one by one. You can search for some specific skills and hire professionals from different countries. This way, you will save both money and time. If you have a startup, this is a splendid idea. Yet, big companies usually prefer to hire an extended DevOps team;
  • If you want to try to hire an extended team, you can do it by either outsourcing or outstaffing. Outstaffing offers the team from the organization of your client. They can easily work with your in-house team, using their knowledge about the project.

Extend Your Team Without A Problem

You can choose one of the ways described in the article to make the job done. If you have doubts, try several approaches and find the most beneficial solution for you. Search for professionals who understand the specifics of your project and can help. Have you ever hired a DevOps team from outside before? Do you have any other recommendations? Share them in the comments below.

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