Tips You Must Be Aware Of Pre And Post Hair Transplant Surgery

It’s always sad to find out that your hair is falling, and you are experiencing significant hair loss. After all, to look good, you don’t need to have an attractive physique but also great hair.

Excessive hair fall problem is common, around 80% in men and 50 % in women. In other words, there is a need to provide effective treatment remedies for the same.

One of the best treatments for excessive hair loss is Hair transplant surgeries, which are turning out to be very beneficial among people who suffer from extreme hair fallout. Intense Hair fallout, also called Alopecia, is caused by an interruption in the body’s hair growth cycle.

This severe complication can also lead people to suffer from baldness, hence madarosis severity in future. So, what’s the ideal way out? Indeed, hair transplant procedures work the best for the same.

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But before procuring the proper treatment, it’s always pertinent to keep a few things in mind pre and post-hair transplant surgery to have optimal results.

So, count on the underlying hair transplant before and after tips if you also are planning to get a hair transplanting treatment.

Tips Aware Pre Post Hair Transplant Surgery


Pre-hair-transplant Tips

Prep Up Your Mind

It’s the most vital thing to consider. People about to undergo such treatments are commonly seen as anxious or scared to get the surgery. Talk to your surgeon pre-hand before getting the surgery done to drive out any fear you have in your mind to feel relaxed.

Also, if you have any medical condition such as hypertension, diabetes, thyroid or anxiety, get the proper medication beforehand.

Take The Necessary Medication Prescribed By The Surgeon

Before hair transplant surgery, doctors recommend anti-allergy, antibiotics or anti-anxiety tablets. Do take those medicines if prescribed by your surgeon.

Put A Halt To Strenuous Activities

It is always advisable to stop performing laborious activities at least two weeks before you plan to get hair transplanting surgery like gyming or swimming. Additionally, if the patient takes supplements of any kind, that must also be avoided for a few days before the surgery.

Call Off Smoking Or Drinking

It’s imperative to call off smoking and drinking at least two weeks before the surgery is about to happen.

Don’t Consume Oily Or Highly Processed Foods

Avoid eating oily or highly processed foods like sugary drinks, jams, ice creams, burgers, and frozen foods before a few days of surgery. Consuming healthy food on a daily basis will ease the process.

Post-Hair Transplant Tips

Take A Good Rest For 6 To 7 Days

After the hair transplant surgery, one must get adequate rest for 6 to 7 days. This not only lowers the chance of infection but also speeds up the healing process.

Don’t Remove The Head Cap

The doctors always advise wearing a head cap for a few days after the medical surgery is done. The head cap helps keep at bay the dust and germs that can clog up if the patient would not wear the cap.

And if the patient doesn’t wear the cap, he or she might also have to encounter fatal circumstances as well.

Sleep With Your Head Elevated

Sleep keeping the head straight for 5 to 6 days after the hair transplantation surgery to get the optimal results.

Take Simple Diets

Have healthy and light meals for at least a week.

Follow-Up With Your Doctor

Keep in touch with your doctor and take regular follow-ups to avoid any kind of allergy or infection. Be under the supervision of your doctor for the timeframe suggested.

Tips Aware Pre Post Hair Transplant Surgery


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