Email Marketing Is An Effective Business Communication Tool

It turns out that there are 3 times more email addresses than accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Just imagine this number — about 2.9 billion email addresses. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? It is not surprising that today email newsletter remains the leader in e-commerce. There are 5 reasons for its effectiveness. Wonder what they are? – Check all the pros of the direct mail below.

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5 Great Advantages Of Direct Mail

1. Email Is A Convenient Communication Channel

How often do you hear from someone or say it by yourself – «Email me»? It is more convenient for users to read business correspondence, learn about company events through emails. Every business person should take care of getting relative email addresses to contact the target audience. Today, it is easy to extract email addresses using special programs. You’ll get lots of email addresses in a few minutes.

2. Reliability

If you compare contacts in social networks and email contacts, then they are, of course, different. As a rule, a person starts a mail for a long time – this is not the communication channel that changes with your mood. The format of email communication is aimed more at the business context of the conversation.

Having one or several addresses, it is not profitable for the user to change them often.  The format of social networks is entertaining. Often, accounts are deleted, deactivated, and communication with a person is lost. Therefore, a way to convey information useful for customers about your company’s promotions via emails is one of the best solutions.

 3. Relevance

At the moment, email is not only a key tool for Internet marketing but also one of the mechanisms of the worldwide Internet. No purchase, registration on the site and in the same social networks does not pass without specifying an email address. Therefore, email letters will not lose their relevance for a long time.

4. Versatility

In some cases, promotion using email marketing is more effective than using SMM. As practice shows, it is very difficult to promote in social network serious companies that provide commercial services or promote products of industrial production.

Indeed, one of the criteria for SMM success is considered to be frequently updated content, but writing engaging content for such services is not as easy as ABC. In this sense, email mailing is a more reliable option – by setting up segmentation, you get a chance to reach a target audience, which will find your information interesting.

5. Additional Functions

One of the features of mailing lists is the ability to track the users’ reaction to your letter – the percentage of opening letters, the relevance of the subject matter, the demand for offers and the usefulness of the offered links.

Direct Mail Is The Must Tool For Any Business

If you decide to use emails to promote your business, but don’t know where to start, use email services. In addition to developing a strategy and maintaining an email campaign, you can get such interesting pros as the creation of customized forms of subscriptions in the style of your site.  It can be concluded that email marketing is one of the most effective tools in the field of commerce and is by far the best channel of social media.

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