Essential Apps In 2022 – Why You Need A Weather API For Your Business

Unless you’re an active traveler or you have a need for real-time weather information, you might not think that having a weather API is essential to running a business. But this isn’t exactly the case.

Actionable and accurate weather forecasts are a critical component to the day-to-day functions of many businesses. And weather affects a large number of industries and their logistical operations on a daily basis.

Accurate, real-time weather forecasts can also help businesses better prepare for shipping purposes, be better prepared for power outages, and contribute to the betterment of a host of other actions.

But what exactly should you be looking for in a weather API and how can it help you? – If you’re operating a business that can benefit from using accurate weather information, the following will provide a helpful overview.

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What Exactly Is A Weather API?

Weather APIs are Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allow a user to access current, real-time weather data across the globe or for a specific geographic location.

With a weather API, you’re able to see current forecast models, projected forecast models, and an array of other data that can help inform decision making across a wide spectrum.

Other features of weather APIs include the following:

  • Humidity
  • Precipitation events
  • Wind speed
  • Cloud cover
  • Visibility
  • Temperature
  • Weather alerts and warnings
  • Air quality

With real-time weather data such as that described above, any business or individual can monitor weather data that may have an impact on his or her daily business operations.

How Can A Weather API Help?

Depending on the type of industry you’re working in, weather data can be extremely helpful for production, supply, management, and for many other departments.

For example, if you’re a business that ships supplies to markets overseas but you also have to deal with ground shipments, weather data is going to be extremely vital for meeting agreed upon deadlines as anything can happen along shipping routes. And when these shipping lines require traveling great distances, keeping up with weather is critical.

In this scenario, you can plan ahead for inclement weather, or for weather events that may disrupt the movement of goods and supplies to your clients. Because with actionable data, you may be able to notify your clients that delays are likely.

How To Choose A Weather API

Weather APIs all have differing features that make each one helpful in specific ways. But the functionality of the weather API that you choose should be useful for your business needs specifically.


Let’s say that you’re operating a business that relies on marine weather forecasts for whatever reasons. If this is the case, then you’ll likely need to choose a weather API that includes marine weather data such as wave height, swell height, chop, sea temperature, wind speed and many other factors.

Functionality matters. And choosing a weather API should be done in accord with the problems that it can help your business solve


As with any mobile app or dashboard tool, you want it to be reliable. And with the dynamic nature of weather itself, the more reliable your weather API is, the more actionable data you’ll be able to utilize in your daily business affairs.


Believe it or not, but there are many free weather APIs on the market today. But you may also need to access other features which may include additional costs. In this respect, adding features may be something that you want to consider if monitoring daily weather is seen as a critical component of business operations.

Why Weather APIs Are Important

As mentioned, the nature of weather itself is quite dynamic. And even today’s advanced forecast models are subject to error. But technology is steadily improving and correspondingly providing for more accurate and real-time weather data that we all can use to our benefit.

With the nature of weather dynamics and its ability to directly impact your business, staying up to date on weather data and forecast models can be the hinge-pin for operating a successful business when operating in wildly changing weather environments.

For example, guides who take mountaineers up to ascend the world’s tallest peaks are extremely reliant on real-time weather data. In this case, the lives of their clients are at the mercy of the weather. And without the actionable weather data that a quality weather API can provide, these guides would most likely not be in business at all.

Weather affects all of us. It affects our moods, and at times, our livelihoods. And if you could benefit from keeping up with the weather in your daily business affairs, having a quality weather API is the perfect tool to use.

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