Fortune 100 CEOs & Their Paths To Success [Infographic]

Do you ever wonder how the world’s most successful CEOs managed to become so successful? If you have, I am not surprised. A lot of people have, and it’s only natural if you are looking to become a successful CEO yourself one day. There are always going to be people who will not agree with the way you do things, and there have been plenty of examples of this in the past. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at the Fortune 100 CEOs and their paths to success.

One of the most notorious and studied examples of a CEO, and one business leader who was on top of the Fortune 100 CEO list yet constantly questioned was of course futurist and innovator Steve Jobs. He was booted from his own company and then the company nearly went belly up. It wasn’t until Steve decided to accept the offer to come back as CEO that things started to get better. Of course eventually he contributed to making Apple one of the most successful companies in human history. It wasn’t by his hands alone though, not by a long shot, but it was due to his guidance.

Steve had a lot in common with other top CEOs of multinational companies. Take Mark Zuckerberg for example. He’s another example of a guy who just didn’t do what everyone else told him to do. Instead, he went on to create the world’s most popular social networking service ever. When it comes to origin, education, compensation and of course age, we can see a full list of what has forged the Fortune 100 CEOs to become such successful business leaders.

We should always remember that when it comes to running a company, the most important aspect is to have vision. Without vision, there is little hope of ever getting off the average treadmill so to speak. Once you know where you want the company to go and how to get there, stick to your guns no matter what.

If you’re serious about your vision, there is nothing that can stop it from becoming a reality. Have a gander at this infographic called Fortune 100 CEOs: Demographics, Education & Career Path presented by N2Growth. Anyone can become a successful CEO if the vision is there, and you are prepared to work your butt off to make sure it’s realized.

Fortune 100 CEOs & Their Paths To Success

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