How To Register And Open A Binance Exchange Account

The modern technology has opened new worlds in creating new business ventures. People can participate in trading anywhere without having to leave their place. One of the emerging trading systems now is the Binance exchange wherein you can trade cryptocurrencies with other people online. This is another opportunity to earn some money and you can do it while comfortably sitting at your home. All you need to do is be familiar with how the system works and invest wisely on Binance coins in order to exchange them for real cash.

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What Is A Binance Exchange

Different cryptocurrencies have been making a huge wave of late due to how game-changing it was to a lot of industries in the online word. It is virtual money that doesn’t really have an equivalent in banknotes but it can be used to buy goods and trade for profit. Binance Exchange is the trading of this virtual money. It exists purely online and the convenience and the reliability of the system to make you successful is attracting thousands of investors each year.

This trading requires low transaction fees, is financially promising and there are a lot of perks and discounts depending on the type of cryptocurrency you are using. Binance is based in Japan and it started in 2017. It supports most of the major and popular bitcoins so you can easily start with what you have.

How To Register

There is only one way to register to Binance Exchange and that is by going to the official website. There is something you need to prepare first in order to open an account. Firstly, you have to prepare an email account that you will use to register on the site. You can already use the ones you have always used but you can also create a new one, designated to be the email you use for all transactions you are going to do in the future.

Remember that any password you create should be kept confidential and should contain complicated combinations of letters and numbers. Do not link this email to your other accounts in order not to compromise its security. Once this is all done, you will need to use this email account in the registration form found on the website. You would need to create a password again so be sure to use a different one and as much as possible, create a longer one so it would be more difficult to crack.

If you have a referral code, put it in the field for a chance to gain a 20% kickback. You need to be 18 years old to proceed by checking the box which also means that you agree to the terms of use when using the site.

How To Open An Account

After completing the registration, you basically have opened your own account already. The final step to fully open the account is by going to your email and following the confirmation link. You can also access your account through the mobile app so it can be more convenient for you. You can already proceed to buy cryptocurrencies by linking your bank or doing a bank transfer. In order to do this, you have to enable the two-factor authentication and verifying of your identity.

This is for security purposes since you would want to safely participate in Binance trading and avoid any risk once you go live. You additionally would need to verify your residence if you want to opt for a bank transfer.

Enable the two-factor authentication by sending a code through SMS verification. If you fail to activate this through SMS, you can use the Google authenticator app as an alternative. Verify your identification and residence too by providing your personal information with a copy of your ID and a selfie of your face. When everything is already set up, you can start buying and trading off cryptocurrencies.

Other Tips

Binance uses tight security measures so be patient when going through their processes. When you want to access our account, you can be subjected to solving puzzles and this can also be fun. In order to buy different cryptocurrencies successfully, you should be patient in learning the methods by reading guidelines and watching tutorials online.

There is a lot of potential in going to the Binance Exchange. If you want to try it for yourself, you can learn the basics then proceed to register and open your own account. As you go through the whole process, you get to learn different strategies and techniques for success.

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