How To: Stay Awake When Work Deadlines Are Looming [Infographic]

One of the hardest tasks to do when facing a looming deadline is keeping yourself awake in order to push in the work necessary to meet your deadlines. It’s not always the easiest when you work eighteen to twenty hours a day, right? When crunch time approaches, it gets easier and easier to fall behind due to the immense pressure it adds onto your already stressful day. But there are things you can do in order to stay awake when that looming deadline is like a haunting in your life.

I personally know exactly what it can be like when sleep is supplied in minimum amounts. I am currently working on a new idea that I came up with, and I spend every hour when I am not working on Bit Rebels trying to realize it. When you have an idea that is poking on your attention 24 hours a day, it’s easy to get dedicated, but pushing hours when you hardly get any sleep is a whole other thing. That’s probably why I decided to start looking for ways to stay awake even when sleep is nudging away at my attention.

When we start looking for solutions, we quickly find that there is actually an abundance of them available. Staying awake is not the hard part though, doing it in the healthiest way possible is. Dunking down energy drinks might be a good thing in moderate proportions, but in excessive amounts, they can be lethal and something you just shouldn’t do. There are other ways that you can combine with an energy drink in order to get the energy necessary to stay awake during long hours of work.

This is a fresh infographic called Need To Stay Awake? presented by TextBook Recycling (design by VisualApogee). It outlines several ways which will help you stay awake. What I personally like about this infographic is that it presents the options in easy to decide categories. The natural energy boosting alternative of course is the most healthy one. But in combination with an energy drink or some energy supplements, you could at least endure your long hours until you deadline is met.

It is HIGHLY important to listen to your body when it tells you it’s tired. Sometimes though, dedication and inspiration get the upper hand and a bit of extra energy is welcomed. Feeling healthy is always the best energy booster, never forget that.

TextBook Recycling’s Guide To Stay Awake

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