Why Is It Important To Make Work Simpler?

Nose to the grindstone, shoulder to the wheel. Nothing worth having comes easy! From Thomas Edison’s famous quote, “There’s no substitute for hard work” to Kobe Bryant’s statement that “Great things come from and work and perseverance: no excuses!” we’ve been trained to believe that work should feel like – well – work! But what if there were an easier way?

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Simple Work Equates Greater Productivity

There’s no doubt about it: Massive feats of athleticism call for strong, steady action and plenty of drive. Exquisite creativity requires focused persistence. But what about the day-to-day actions that keep businesses humming along? What about the repetitive actions, phone calls, emails, and other time-consuming essentials? The truth is, these should feel simple.

On the surface, it seems like the main benefit of simplifying work is that this tactic spares employees from boredom. But look a little deeper, and you’ll discover that simplifying work can go a long way toward driving motivation, and it can lead to greater engagement.

There’s another reason to consider simplification, and it’s a big one: Productivity. In a recent post, business expert Ciara Conlon outlines the reasons why productivity matters. Here are a few highlights worth considering.

  • As efficiency increases, so does productivity.
  • When resources are optimized and production increases, operational costs tend to decrease.
  • Employees who are highly engaged enjoy better morale and reduced burnout, two factors that can contribute to far better customer service.

How To Simplify Work

The methods used to simplify work differ from one company to the next; however, there is a common thread. Sapho mentions that when given access to the right tools for their jobs, employees are more effective. This post is well worth a quick read: It includes several tactics for simplifying work in the here and now, so people can get things done more efficiently.

This might mean physical equipment: Comfortable, adjustable chairs and ergonomic workstations, or high-quality tools for fabricating the products your company makes.

It might mean granting access to certain platforms, software, or other digital tools that eliminate complicated processes and allow employees to place maximum focus on high-impact activities. Sapho’s Employee Experience Portal is an excellent example, as it delivers personalized notifications inside a smart, customized work feed that runs alongside other hardware or software.

Atmosphere matters, too. Imagine coming to work and encountering an environment that fosters open communication and creativity, rather than one where a strict, unfriendly communication style reigns supreme. It takes very little to encourage a friendly, professional atmosphere that is easy for employees to come to day after day. Problems like absenteeism and tardiness are almost certain to decrease when people look forward to coming to work.

As the many benefits of work simplification show, it often pays to work smarter, not harder. Why not give this tactic a try?

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