Kristina De-Levi On The Ins And Outs Of Running A Business In The Health Care Field

As much as its merits are debated, the health care system is a business. As an entrepreneur, Kristina De- Levi understands the importance of balancing good business with genuine care while working towards a better future of health care in America.

Growing up, Kristina De-Levi was lucky to be close with her aging grandparents. When she was 16 years old, her grandparents became ill. Suddenly, nurses were coming and going from her grandparents’ home, allowing them to continue living independently despite their ongoing illness.

This is how she discovered what home health care was and how it could benefit individuals and families. As an adult, De-Levi wanted to find an occupation that fits with her compassionate and supportive nature.

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She founded HomeAssist Home Health Services, which offers home health care services to those in need in Pacifica, California. While operating her business with her husband, Frank, Kristina De-Levi is also currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Medical Administration.

Building a successful business in the health care field is no easy venture. With increasing costs and little advancement in terms of quality or efficiency, health care in America is approaching a tipping point. Many business-savvy individuals have their sights set on improving the system through unique innovations that aim to lower costs, increase efficiency, improve quality, and more.

But, as Kristina De-Levi points out, health care needs to be more than just a business. Combining compassionate care with profitable business is an art that many people entering the field simply lack. The key, she says, is always keeping the ultimate goal of improved health care at the center of all your business dealings.

As a successful entrepreneur in the health care field, Kristina De-Levi points to three areas ambitious businesspeople should consider when setting their sights on improving America’s health care.

The Future Of Health Care

Increased pressure on the American health care system will soon transform how businesses profit in this sphere, says De-Levi. The Affordable Care Act is already changing the way professionals are paid and deliver care.

The downward pressure on current pricing coupled with the expansion of public health initiatives is changing the landscape. The focus for future entrepreneurs should be on improving the value rather than increasing the volume of services going forward, says De-Levi. In the long run, this is where the most profit will lie.

Happily, it will also improve millions of Americans’ lives, making it a win-win in her books. At HomeAssist Home Health Services, she is already improving her customers’ and patients’ quality of life by offering affordable and quality services.

Embracing Technology

A great way businesspeople are exploring health care improvements is through technology, says Kristina De-Levi. Even beyond new applications that can handle the ever-increasing amount of data professionals maintain about their patients, savvy entrepreneurs are looking at ways to revolutionize how health care is administered through digital platforms. For the busy American, balancing life, family, work, and commuting, visiting the doctor’s office, for example, can be a challenge.

Looking at digital solutions like online consultations, telehealth, and other flexible avenues is becoming more common. Consider the companies cropping up that offer medication deliveries straight to a patient’s home and access to medical professionals through video conferencing, suggests De-Levi.

They have in common a reliance on a blending of the technology and health care industries. Businesspeople in the health care field will benefit from this marriage going forward, she predicts.

Startup Woes

As many of us know, most startups—no matter what field they are in—fail. When considering a start-up company in health care, Kristina De-Levi advises entrepreneurs to do their homework. There are many regulations health care providers of all kinds must meet in order to operate. Considering the complexity of the system and its needs going forward, there are many requirements a new business will need to meet in order to succeed.

For a start-up to live beyond the first few years of business, it will need to have an intimate knowledge of the current health care system and its shortcomings in order to better innovate solutions, says De-Levi.

It will also need to have access to some of the brightest minds in technology which are capable of bringing grand ideas to life through coding, application building, and a detailed understanding of user experience design.

Lastly, it will require networkers who are skilled at communicating the benefits of a product or service to an industry stuck in old habits. If a start-up can successfully blend these elements into a marketable business model, De-Levi has no doubt will have an immensely positive impact on the health care system as we know it today.


 The truth of the matter is that the business of health care in America is in dire need of change. Entrepreneurs like Kristina De-Levi, who understand the current landscape, have the drive to improve, and who are dedicated to the wellbeing of patients across the country, are the ones America needs to champion.

It will be no easy task, but there is no shortage of ambitious businesspeople with their sights set on health care. The trick will be seeing who has the skills, connections, and network necessary to bring grand innovations to life.

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