Signs You Are A Natural Born Business Leader…Or Not [Flowchart]

Some people say leadership is a skill or trait that people either have or they don’t. I disagree. I do think a person can be a natural born leader, which usually makes him or her a great business leader, but I also think people can learn leadership skills through experience. Think about all the powerful and inspiring business leaders and entrepreneurs today who came from humble beginnings.

They taught themselves about life and leadership, and went on to become great business leaders, CEOs and Internet entrepreneurs. Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to become a great leader or entrepreneur? This fun flowchart called Are You An Entrepreneur? (by Masters In Business) will give you your answer.

This is all just in good fun of course, but there are some things in here that may ring true for you. You just start at the top and work your way down. It takes into consideration everything from what motivates you to how you carry your business cards. Even the looks of your workspace can give clues about whether or not you’d be a good business leader or entrepreneur.

When you get to the bottom, you’ll see that this very sophisticated flowchart which is based on some very scientific data (not) will show you if you’re a natural entrepreneur, a budding entrepreneur, a mid-level leader or if you’d work best on a team. One of the most interesting questions on here is the one that asks about what you do when you have a little down time. If you suddenly found out that you have an extra two hours tomorrow morning before you have to leave your house, what would you do? Would you sleep an extra two hours? Would you get on the Internet? Would you play games? Hmm…

Signs You Are A Natural Born Business Leader…Or Not

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Via: [Infographic Journal] Header Image Credit: [Well Kept Wallet]