Personal Injury Is No Longer Merely Physical Injury

A lady slipped and fell, contacted a law firm, then wouldn’t return the law firm’s calls. A few months later she posted a negative Yelp review. The law firm sued her for libel and won the case. It was like personal injury ping-pong! And the trial didn’t end there; a court ordered Yelp to take down the review.

Yelp appealed to the California supreme court, and this writing doesn’t need to go over the ins and outs of the ensuing legal battle to make the intended point: the internet has definite personal injury consequences which require attention from individuals as well as businesses.

[pullquote]You must be sure that whatever kind of solutions you have in place as far as security protocols are concerned, they include an understanding of the law which surrounds online operations.[/pullquote] In the case referenced above, a personal injury led to an injurious claim, which had the potential to damage a separate business.

It may be impossible to avoid getting mixed up in such litigation, but if you source legal representation, you can be protected. And then, of course, there’s an entirely separate issue: what if some digital enterprise ends up causing you personal harm or injury?

Not all injuries are physical. Some are mental, some emotional. These are something that people on the internet can definitely be responsible for—sometimes unwittingly, sometimes deliberately. What if your face ends up on some humiliating meme, and you’re an upstanding figure of a given community? It could seriously impact your livelihood.

All-Encompassing Solutions

While it may be impossible to stop such a meme from spreading, you may be able to secure a settlement with the right firm. If you’re in California, for example, Champion Law Group has offices in many cities and can help. Still, the nebulous quality of the law here means you must secure representation from legal authorities who are tenacious, and willing to cover all aspects of a case from beginning to end.

You want all-encompassing personal injury legal aid regardless of the size of your case—or, as puts it: “Whether your case is large or small, you will receive the attention, guidance, and experienced legal representation you need to fight for the highest compensation you deserve.”

And deserved compensation is the key. In a world where taxation is higher than ever, the cost of living is through the roof, as is the cost of food, travel, education, and basic commodities, you need any financial advantage that it’s possible for you to source. Additionally, you don’t know the far-reaching implications of injury.

A mental injury sustained from the internet could very realistically develop into full-blown psychosis even if you have proper treatment. Some things are just traumatic. Especially in the wake of current political crises, there are apt to be areas of injury many don’t consider, though they should.

One of the most important aspects of reality is that bound up in ideology. This is because ideas are more than just figments of consciousness; they actually determine action. Get depressed enough and you’ll lose weight, your hair will fall out, you won’t be able to eat right, you’ll have digestive difficulties—the list goes on.

Ensuring You’re Protected

So cover all your bases. In the event you sustain an injury, find legal representation that can help you in a physical sense, but for those cases where mental or emotional injury is likewise sustained. Today’s technocracy demands such representation, and the issue isn’t a little one.

From businesses that lose freedom and revenue, to reputations that are ruined, there are many aspects of online life which can be injurious and require proper representation if even a modicum of compensation is to be obtained. – For more information about Internet bullying, click here.

Personal Injury Is No Longer Merely Physical Injury

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