Six Tips To Increase And Build Brand Awareness

You’ve created a product or service you are proud of and want to share it with the world. Whether it is something as simple as a lawn care service or something more sophisticated like a technology business, you can’t connect with customers unless they know that you exist. To help you build and increase your brand awareness, follow these six tips that are proven to work.

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1. Create A Social Media Presence

A social media presence is vital to any effective branding strategy. If you are unsure which social media platforms to use, start with Facebook and Twitter. Those two are currently the most popular and should be viewed as the cornerstone of any social media branding awareness strategy.

When you get the hang of Facebook and Twitter, you can branch out and incorporate some of the others. Some of those include Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Linkedin, and Google+. Which platforms and how many you use depends largely on what type of product or service you provide. It is not necessary to use them all, but you can craft a social media campaign that best suits you and your potential customers by incorporating the right mix of any number of these platforms.

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2. Using Stickers To Increase Brand Awareness

You can increase your brand awareness greatly by using stickers. A well-designed sticker, the correct size, with your brand name or logo on it, is still a viable method for increasing brand awareness. You can also find the best custom stickers online to suit your needs. Since it is offline and can be placed almost anywhere, stickers offer more opportunities for customers to see your company name.

Clothing brands, rock bands, and politicians are prime examples of using stickers. All have been using stickers for years to make their names better known to the public and continue to do so and if you can’t use stickers try an innovative swing tag.

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3. Sponsor Public Events

If people have a fun, positive experience at a public event, it can leave a lasting impression on them. If your brand is involved, customers will come to associate your product with something they enjoyed. Sponsoring a public event can add a dimension of quality to your brand that people will recognize.

But the key is choosing the right event for your brand. If you sell camping equipment, for example, sponsoring a chess tournament may not make a whole lot of sense. However, sponsoring a mountain bike race may be the more effective choice, for example.

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4. Display Your Product Prominently In Stores

Have a good eye for display? You can take advantage of that with an attractive and effective visual presentation of your product. Allowing customers to see a product up close and engage with it, is a great way to increase brand awareness. It is an opportunity for customers to interact with your product using all five senses.

Where you display a product and how are important as well. Choose higher traffic areas for placement and create displays that are simple and uncluttered. Also, make sure customers can easily reach a product and have adequate time to spend with it. Another good tip is to move your display to different locations from time to time.

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5. Design Attractive Packaging

The design of your package is often a customer’s first impression. If packaging is interesting, attractive, or communicates your product well, you are that much closer to peak the interest of a potential customer. Attractive packaging can convey positive emotions that customers come to associate with your brand.

Package design should be simple, unique, and easy to unwrap for customers. It should always incorporate elements of good design and fit your branding message. Attractive packaging design can increase attention, communicate your values, and help your product stand out.

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6. Give Freebies

People love free. If you can find opportunities to hand out free products with your brand name on it, you can always increase your company and product awareness. It can be something as simple as a pen or keychain. They may not seem like much but people usually like and appreciate those things and will often not turn them down.

And people take those things home with them to use, further increasing chances that others will see your brand name. When it comes to brand awareness, free giving is a gift that keeps on giving.

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